Couple from ‘Boer seeks wife’ split up: “It will take time…

Frits and Hanne. © VTM

Frits and Hanne out Farmer seeks wife are apart. “This was not an easy decision,” she says. “It will take time to process this,” he responds.

Hanne Zoomers announces the news about their relationship breakup on her social media. Frits Stevens and she decided a few weeks ago to separate as friends.

“We had a wonderful time together,” she writes, “but we are now each going our own way. This was not an easy decision and we hope we both have time to deal with this at our own pace.”

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In her post Hanne thanks Frits for everything. “You are not a guest’s cream. And see you soon, eh.”

Frits responds to the message: “What a beautiful picture of a wonderful time we had together! Thank you for all the things we’ve done and learned from each other. It will take time to process this. But you are a wonderful girl and a friend for life! Thank you.”

Frits, a then 23-year-old poultry farmer from Hamont-Achel in Limburg, got to know Hanne in the previous season of the VTM program Farmer seeks wife. Hanne is the same age as he is, comes from Wellen (also Limburg) and is a forensic auditor. (dhs)

Frits and Hanne, when it was still great love.

Frits and Hanne, when it was still great love. © VTM


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