Country Echo: An amazing discovery … a scientist captures the cosmic moon dance in space in seconds

You might think these footage are a scene from the latest science fiction movie, but they are very real scenes, showing in utterly interesting detail just how much the moon wobbles in the sky during each 27-day orbit.

Lunar photographer “Andrew McCarthy” spent hundreds of hours over 22 consecutive nights, capturing thousands of pictures of the moon as it began to wane and then wane through an almost complete orbit.

While the “wobble” known as vibration, is a filament phenomenon, the stunning snapshots show just how angular the moon changes as it rotates.

NASA explains that the moon always keeps the same face as us, but not exactly the same face, because of the tilt and shape of its orbit, we see the moon from slightly different angles over the course of a month.

When the month is compressed through a number of shots that do not exceed 24 seconds, our changing view of the moon makes it appear to be wobbly, this oscillation is called libration, a word that comes from Libra.

McCarthy, a resident of California, USA, wanted to show for the first time the exact movement of the moon in the sky over the course of a lunar month.

He could not believe his eyes from the horror of the surprise as soon as he saw up close how much the moon’s angle changed as it rotated in an amazing cosmic dance.

In his 40-second video, made up of thousands of images aligned on top of each other, the moon is shown making some “vibrations” as it rotates, which McCarthy described as a “cosmic dance.”

This shift also allows observers to view many moon craters from different angles and in different lights.

McCarthy posted the video on his Instagram, writing, “Over the past month, I’ve worked on my biggest project to date – an attempt to show the spherical and unmistakable nature of the Moon.”

He added: “This was done by capturing a high-resolution image of the moon every night for a period of 22 days. It captured the vibration, which is the apparent oscillation of our moon, trapped in an eternal cosmic dance. This small oscillation is caused by the angle of the moon’s elliptical orbit and the position of the observer, and surprisingly, the moon itself does not. It oscillates, in fact, it just spins in orbit. “



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