Counting the basketball career “Various records” Jeremy Lin once again exposed

(Picture/jlin7 IG)

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Jeremy Lin published an article on IG earlier, and he rarely counted the records he set in the past, including that he was the first Chinese-American player in the NBA and even won the championship ring; Jeremy Lin has now become the first Chinese-American to have a personal shoe. Player, let him sigh and post.

Jeremy Lin became a regular starter for the New York Knicks in 2012 and performed brilliantly. Not only did he lead the team to a seven-game winning streak, but there was also a Linsanity craze. He was even listed as one of the top 100 in 2012 by Time Magazine. Influential people. Not only fans, but even Chinese people around the world have caught up with this craze, making Jeremy Lin a well-known basketball player.

(Composite image/jlin7 IG)
(Composite image/jlin7 IG)

Jeremy Lin chose to return to the NBA a few days ago, but he continued to cooperate with mainland sports brands to launch official signature sneakers, and once again wrote a personal milestone, becoming the first Chinese American player with a personal shoe.

Jeremy Lin posted earlier today (3rd) that he joined the NBA at the age of 22. Although he was the first Chinese-American player in 50 years, he only cared about his skills rather than his skin. He was also the first Harvard to join the NBA. Student, but he only cares about the future and not the past.

(Composite image/jlin7 IG)
(Composite image/jlin7 IG)

At the age of 24, Jeremy Lin had the highest starting score in the first four games of his career in the NBA, but he only cared about future scores. At the age of 30, Jeremy Lin became the first Chinese-American player to win the NBA championship ring, and he focused more on getting it. The next championship ring.

Jeremy Lin said that he is now 32 years old, and he knows how to cherish and appreciate the present, so while looking back at the past, he will not rush to take the next step.

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