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All Trump’s tweets returned in Gab domineeringly. (Computer screen shot)

2021/01/14 17:01

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The ban on the popular social media Parler by the US President Chuan Popular not only triggered an international backlash, but also aroused a wave of “digital immigration”. Many Trump supporters “escape” to Gab and other social media platform. In order to counteract what he called the “digital carnage”, Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba not only backed up all Trump’s tweets on Twitter, but also restored them to Trump in full. Account on Gab.

The American conservative website “Gateway Pundit” exclaimed in the report: “Wow! Gab CEO countered the tech tyrant and restored all the tweets of President Trump on Twitter to Trump’s Gab. ‘S account.”

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According to the report, what is even more impressive is that he did it with a 700% increase in traffic and attacks from the left. Gab is currently upgrading its servers to handle the influx of traffic, but we were told that it should stabilize soon.

Torba recently announced that after Twitter blocked Trump, Gab added an average of 10,000 new accounts per hour, the overall traffic increased by about 40%, and more than 500,000 new accounts were registered in a single day.

Torba stated that Trump supporters are being “driven by communists on the Internet,” describing conservatives, Christians and “people who disagree with the rule of communist interest groups” as being “a digital massacre” He predicted that there would be a “Holodomor” in the future. In the face of increasing website traffic, he reiterated that he is preparing more servers to respond.

The “communists” referred to by Torba are believed to refer to American leftists.

Gab CEO Torba. (Video capture)

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