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The atmosphere of New Year’s Eve welcomes the New Year 2021 in Phetchabun Province, in the midst of intensive surveillance of the COVID-19 outbreak, the famous tourist attractions of Phetchabun Province such as Khao Kho, Phu Thap Boek are still lonely. Due to some tourists, the road is open Attractions or viewpoints are not as lively as in the past years. Especially Khao Kho view point In front of the Khao Kho District Public Health Office Originally there will be tourists waiting to celebrate and wait together in the bustling countdown. But this year the event was abruptly canceled due to the COVID-19 prevention measures. As a result, tourists can enjoy the scenery and walk to subsidize souvenir shops along the road quite sparse Then wait for the countdown in the room within the resort. The resort hotel Khao Kho is considered to be the first year that the rooms are not full in 20 years. And the owner of Rai Chan Ram Khao Kho resort said that there was a significant decrease in tourists and about 70 percent of the tourists’ cars disappeared, causing the roads to be open and the traffic flow. While the resort hotels for the first time in 20 years that the rooms are not full. Usually during the holidays like this, especially the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. The rooms are fully occupied or the accommodation is not enough to accommodate tourists. But this year, tourists are afraid of the situation and believe COVID so they are afraid to travel

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Mrs. Chanram said that As for the resort itself, they are very careful and have to take measures to prevent COVID. Because they are afraid that if the name of the resort itself appears on the timeline of infected people Not only the impact of own business, but also the overall economy of the province. Which the resort would not be able to take responsibility Therefore, when customers request to cancel Or returning the room because of unsure of the COVID situation The resort is not interrupted because each other is afraid as well.

Mr. Wuttichai Rojantipayarak The president of the Phetchabun Tourism Business Association said that the impact of the COVID situation causes tourists to drop at least 50 percent, especially at Khao Kho, where tourists cancels and return rooms and request a postponement of at least 40 percent by All reasons come from fear of the impact of the situation.


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