Councilor Urk who has become discredited puts down duties | Inland

During a private emergency meeting with the chairmen of the political groups and the Mayor and Aldermen, Alderman Post (Economic Affairs, Education and Fisheries) decided to ‘lay down’ his duties for the time being. His own son was arrested last week when British customs found over 400 pounds of hard drugs in his truck. The son denies that he knew the batch of drugs was hidden in the car between flowers. Post has been an alderman for the fishing village since 2010.

Mayor Ineke Bakker also decided to conduct an independent integrity investigation. “The reason for the alderman’s decision is the message that he has failed to inform the college and the city council about his formal involvement with the transport company JP Trans. Earlier this week, a driver from this company was arrested as a suspect in drug trafficking. He is the son of alderman Geert Post ”, according to a press release from the municipality. Councilor Freek Brouwer will replace Post for as long as necessary.

In shock

The SGP at Urk has been ‘startled’ by all reports, but the Orthodox Christian party does not want to draw conclusions too quickly. “As the SGP group, we would like to emphasize that we strongly reject drug trafficking and involvement in general. At the same time, we want to emphasize that the case must be brought to court before we can and may pass judgment on it, ”said a press release.

“Failure to report involvement with the company is inconvenient and is highlighted in a very annoying light by recent events. We also realize that this is reflected in our village, the municipal administration and the party; what we regret, ”said the SGP.

The local Christian Union speaks of a “personal drama with the Post family. We dedicate them in prayer and wish them much strength and strength today. ”

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