Council of Lawyers Announces Indictment Chicken Merchant’s bogus lawyers rock the justice industry

from the case of having a volunteer attorney from the group “Voluntary attorney, free advice in the group from professional lawyers Counterfeit tickets, lawyers say many cases Falsifying a judgment to deceive clients Recently, the Bar Council under the Royal Patronage published a statement from the Council of Advocates regarding the bogus lawyers who

Bar Council statement on bogus lawyers

as it turns outnewsIn case there are people who are not lawyers Fake proof of being a lawyer and go to court As already informed

Counsel of lawyers under the royal patronage was checked The name of the accused person was not identified as said. A person who has passed the training and testing on the subject at the Lawyers Council Office of Lawyers Training. and not registered for a license to be a lawyer Regarding the license number to be a lawyer who fakes It belongs to another lawyer. which is in no way related to the infringer of a license to be a lawyer

Such actions are considered a crime. According to the Lawyers Act 1985, the Bar Council under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King by Dr. Wichian Chubthaisong, Chairman of the Bar Council. will be given to Mr. Chaiwat Boonke, Chancellor of the Bar Council immediately prosecuted such people

Today (5 October 65) averagenewsGo to Muang Kamphaeng Phet Police Station area Kamphaeng Phet Province Speaking with the investigating officer, the owner of the case, Lieutenant Colonel Pol. Suwit Pitchon, received information that the story was caused by the defendant. received that the injured person in the civil case in the Nakhon Sawan province area Then informed the victim that the case had been won. He lets the victim look at the court’s judgment. ready to ask for money from the injured as compensation for the operation Next, the victim reviewed the aforementioned verdict. There was no judgment in that case. And there is no such case in the Kamphaeng Phet provincial court system. then met with the investigating officer in Nakhon Sawan province to bring a lawsuit Then the provincial investigator from Nakhon Sawan then coordinated with Muang Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Police Station

when do you know Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Court reviewed the case number. who found that there were no such cases in the system and checked the list of attorneys. It appears that the defendant was not found on the list of the Council of Attorneys. Knowing that the defendant had forged a lawyer’s ticket to testify. causing severe damage to the court.Therefore, the indictment was filed with the investigating officer. Muang Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Police Station and was arrested as such Currently, the accused is being held in the Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Prison.

Subsequently, the reporters went to the defendant’s home. Who is located in Moo 6 area, Khonthi subdistrict, Mueang district, Kamphaeng Phet province, to meet the mother of the defendant who live in such houses with two grandchildren who is the son of the defendant. He didn’t know what his son had done. Two years earlier, his son had sold chickens in Sai Ngam and Sai Thong Watthana districts. After that, he went back to his house and accepted it. As for the details, I’m not aware of it. She only knew that his son was earning money to support his family. Right now, I’m worried about my son. I want to save myself Since he arrested him, she hasn’t heard from his son. I don’t want my kids to go to jail. Because children are the pillars of the family. Earning money to support himself and his two daughters. If the child is missing They still don’t know how to live together.

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