Could “Joker” become a trilogy?

(Copyright Warner Bros.)

(Copyright Warner Bros.)


16/09/20 13h35

Rumor has it that Warner Bros. reportedly offered Joaquin Phoenix a large sum to reprise his role in two other Joker films.

Joaquin Phoenix had nothing more to prove as an actor, but his role in Joker allowed him to win the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020 and reach a wider audience than those of his previous films. Despite the controversies – according to some, the film would incite violence – the anti-hero of Todd Phillips had seduced a large number of spectators (almost 5,600,000 in France) and won multiple festival prizes including the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. So it wouldn’t be a big surprise to learn that Warner Bros. plans to decline the film as a franchise, and make it a trilogy.

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Will Joaquin Phoenix accept it, and at what cost?

The question is rather whether or not the actor, accustomed to auteur films, to filmography as coherent as it is honest and demanding, will agree to take over the role. Because it is obvious that the success of the film rested largely on the shoulders of the actor and that a continuation without him would be simply unthinkable. According to The Mirror, Warner is reportedly in negotiations with Joaquin Phoenix for a deal of … $ 50 million.

A screenplay would already be in preparation, and the contract would provide for a 4-year engagement with director Todd Phillips and producer who is none other than actor Bradley Cooper. While waiting for confirmation, we can always dream of these next two Joker which, like the first, could echo the news.

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