Could Global Warming Actually Be A Good Thing For Human Development?

global warming is a good thingis a long-term argument

I think global warming is a very beneficial thing for humanity. From an evolutionary point of view, unless species are exposed to environmental factors that threaten them, their development and change are unnecessary. The obligation of species to adapt to the environment or to manipulate the environment for their own interests is only possible with the change of environmental factors.

If environmental conditions do not change for a long time, people do not have to learn to manipulate the environment due to changing conditions. so they stay where they are and disappear en masse in a sudden environmental change.

For example, dinosaurs lived for millions of years as the most adapted species to the environment, but unlike humans, dinosaurs almost disappeared in a sudden environmental change, since dinosaurs did not evolve by natural conditions to manipulate the environment for their own benefit. This is also the case for humans, as long as environmental changes do not occur that will force people to manipulate the environment better than they do today.

If you look at the estimates made by oil and energy consumption statistics a century ago, humanity at that time predicted that the current oil resources would run out before the year 2000.

However, the risk of depletion of such an important energy source has brought people face to face with the necessity of taking precautions against such a possibility, and scientific studies have been supported and the use of oil has become much more efficient, enabling us to overcome this risk.

Since today’s global warming threat brings with it the search for solutions to these difficulties as well as the difficulties in those years, humanity has to make research and development and make progress in this field.

chemistry, physics, geography, meteorology and and compound Researches in various fields such as these enable these branches of science to progress much faster than normal in the fields they research. however, if global warming never occurs, there would be no solution effort since no problem was encountered in this regard.

at this point “OK, no global warming, let’s develop slowly, here’s what will happen” There will be those who will say. There is no option like the slow development of humanity, my friends. There is no such option because we do not know what will happen to us.

There are 5 major mass extinctions that have ever occurred in the history of life.

As you can see above, these mass extinctions are events that occurred out of nowhere, such as sudden atmospheric changes, volcanic eruptions, and asteroid impacts, and inflicted heavy blows on life.

If you watch the video below, for example, you will see that there are supervolcanoes that are possible and imminent to erupt on the world right now, that we do not know when they will erupt, and that when they explode, they will result in such a catastrophic event that global warming will be disastrous.

Celal Şengör – Disasters That Will Destroy the World

Now suppose you know that a murderer will try to kill you in 7 days, but you don’t know what day he will kill you. Is it logical to start taking the necessary measures to defend yourself from the first day, or is it to wait for the 7th day and try to do something when the 7th day comes?

In this scenario, you can use global warming to protect yourself against the killer. “Look son, you need to learn to protect yourself or you will die” You can imagine it as your friend who says.

As an example of this friend, you can guess that the reason for the emergence of the research and information summarized in the video below is global warming, and if it were not for global warming, we would not need to deal with any of it.

Jeom compound

If research is carried out in these areas and if the research is successful, we will have a much wider knowledge and action capacity about the atmosphere and its chemistry, so we will have the opportunity to prepare for much more dangerous disasters.

as a result

Thanks to our efforts to prevent global warming, our ability to prepare for this situation increases with the technologies and knowledge we have acquired.

The logic of eliminating difficulties to survive is inconsistent, because difficulties are essential for survival. striving to overcome difficulties, not to prevent or eliminate them, promotes development.

those who want to solve the problem of global warming “What we don’t do will not cause global warming” putting aside your way of thinking “Whatever we do, global warming cannot harm us” must adopt this way of thinking.

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