Could Elisabetta Gregoraci have been sincere? – Big Brother VIP

The one between Elisabetta e Pierpaolo it is a particular friendship born right inside the Big Brother House, an acquaintance that has had several ups and downs. In fact, the two tenants experienced moments of particular intimacy alternating with moments spent ignoring each other.

The director of the “couple” has always and only been Elisabetta and Pierpaolo has shown that he can respect her choices. After receiving several criticisms from ex-husband Flavio Briatore, the showgirl has put a big brake on the model and now her attitude is totally different enough to declare that she is in love outside the House.

But now Alfonso opens the connection with the House and draws the attention of Pierpaolo who invites him to reach the Confessional. “Did you feel bad?”Alfonso asks him. “There are moments that you let go a little, while others that freeze me”, comments on the model. “The question that everyone probably asks is whether it is true that the showgirl has someone waiting outside, so Alfonso encourages Pierpaolo to ask him.

The model is very excited but still manages to face Elisabetta and with all the courage in her possession he reveals all his doubts. “You and I are special friends and there has never been anything more, and outside this House there are people who think of me”, Elizabeth replies very sincerely.

At that point Pierpaolo forces his hand and gets to the bottom of the matter asking her directly if there was a particular person. “I came in single, but the planes made me happy”, she replies


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