Could DeAndre Hopkins have suggested the Patriots’ potential interest in a trade through an Instagram post?

Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is on the trade block and his recent Instagram activity has Patriots fans thinking he wants to come to New England.

So far, the Patriots have signed JuJu Smith-Schuster after his Super Bowl stint with the Chiefs, as well as tight end Mike Gesicki from Miami, but they may not be done giving Mac new weapons. Jones.

The Cardinals are reportedly buying receiver DeAndre Hopkins and New England may be interested.

At the very least, Jones is. He followed Hopkins on Instagram and the catcher followed him back.

Did DeAndre Hopkins hint at the Patriots’ interest in an Instagram trade?

Does a follow back on Instagram mean much? Not really. Players follow each other all the time on social media without it leading to anything.

Could Hopkins end up receiving assists from Jones in 2023? Of course, we can’t rule it out. Instagram follower count just won’t be the ultimate indicator for that to happen.

In this case, it’s even more complicated than if Jones went to Hopkins as a free agent who simply needed to decide where he wanted to sign. Hopkins is still under contract with the Cardinals. For him to join New England, the two teams must make a trade.

Now that Brandin Cooks has been traded from the Texans to the Cowboys, we have a clearer idea of ​​what a trade for Hopkins might look like. However, it’s up to the Patriots to reach an agreement with Arizona.

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It’s also unclear if Jones will be New England’s starting quarterback this year. There have been a lot of whispers that the Patriots aren’t sold. Who knows, maybe they have another idea in mind with a quarterback in sight instead of a wide receiver.

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