Coughlan from “Bridgerton” responds great to Fatshaming tweet

Nicola Coughlan had the correct answer to a podcaster’s Fatshaming tweet.

In the first “Bridgerton” season, the girl Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan, turned out to be the dreaded, pointed-tongued Lady Whisteldown. But Coughlan has not fallen on the lips in real life and does not allow insults.

A tweet by a podcaster named Amanda Richards gave rise to a Twitter argument. This is a comment on Nicolas’s appearance at the Golden Globes, which the actress had offered in the live connection to the gala. Richards did not agree with the choice of clothes and dubbed Coughlan a “fat girl” several times without giving her name.

Chosen for you

In her response, the “Bridgerton” star presented his view of things and also pointed out that she was not the “fat girl from Bridgerton”, but also had a name.

Other twitterers also immediately took Nicolas’s side and pointed out the inappropriate choice of words to Amanda:

But as unfortunately usual, despite the best of intentions, many Twitterers misappropriated, and Amanda, who is by the way overweight herself, commented on this:

Nicola Coughlan also quoted an essay she had published in “The Guardian” two years earlier, which deals with inappropriate interview questions.

Among other things, the text says: “Actors should finally be judged on their performance and not on their size. And could we please finally stop asking women about their weight in interviews – especially if it is completely irrelevant in terms of the subject is. “

By the way, Nicola Coughlan also posted a photo of her Golden Globes dress on Instagram:

And there is also a video about it:

The two comments are a wonderful summary of the whole matter: “You are beautiful just the way you are.” “Yes, your majesty.”

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