Cough in spring is very bad, be careful of asthma

Cough in spring is very bad, be careful of asthma

The warmer weather in spring turns out to be the season that is prone to coughing. However, if the cough lasts for a long time and does not recover after more than two to three weeks, or if the cough improves after seeking medical treatment but resumes after stopping the medicine, it may be a “sensitive cough” and further examination is required to find out the cause.

Wang Junling, a specialist in the Department of Respiratory System, said that spring just coincides with the peak season of influenza, and the risk of upper respiratory tract infection is higher, which can stimulate the trachea and cause coughing; The increase in the number of dust mites in the home, as well as the growth of flowers and plants, will also increase the amount of pollen in the air. All three are allergens, which may cause sensitive irritation to the respiratory tract and cause symptoms of upper and lower respiratory tracts.

Cough in spring is very bad, be careful of asthma

Cough in spring is very bad, be careful of asthma

Nasal drainage can cause coughing

Sensitivity of the upper airway can cause thickening of the nasal mucosa, secretion of nasal fluid, and possible backflow of nasal water, especially when coughing is more obvious when lying down. Wang Junling continued, because the backflow of nasal water will bring the unclean nasal fluid to the lower respiratory tract, causing people to cough. This is called “postnasal drip syndrome”. It can be called “asthma cough”. “If the cough improves during medication and then coughs again later, the trachea may have been chronically inflamed. The cause can be asthma, COPD or bronchiectasis. In addition, lung cancer can cause persistent cough, If in doubt, further examination and classification should be performed to rule out serious diseases.”

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ignore or aggravate

If the runny nose and cough are ignored, if the condition becomes severe, it may develop into sinusitis, followed by nasal congestion and headache. It will also affect sleep, causing daytime lethargy and lack of energy. In addition to frightening people around you and affecting social interaction, persistent coughing may also cause hoarseness and sternum pain. Wang Junling pointed out, “If it is asthma, it will get worse if it is not treated, such as intermittent shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing with “he he” when breathing (the sound caused by the overall narrowing of the trachea). Attacks require immediate hospitalization and the use of high-dose steroids or oxygen, so early diagnosis and treatment are required to prevent the situation from worsening.”

Cough in spring is very bad, be careful of asthma

Cough in spring is very bad, be careful of asthma

Alleviate allergies

To deal with nasal allergy symptoms, anti-allergic drugs such as antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays can be used, and normal saline nasal washes can be used daily to wash away allergens and dust. If it is only a common cough in the early stage, general cough water can be used to treat it, but if it does not heal within two or three weeks, it will be suspected to be asthma, and drugs for airway sensitivity should be used. Wang Junling said, “Doctors usually prescribe inhaled steroids, plus long-acting or short-acting bronchodilators. The combination of the two works best.” Mixed drugs provide patients with additional convenience. “Depending on the severity and urgency of the symptoms, doctors may use inhaled steroids alone, and then add long-acting bronchodilators if they cannot be controlled.”

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Improve resistance and reduce seizures

To prevent coughs in spring, the most basic thing is to get flu vaccines to prevent infection. Those who are prone to allergies can wear masks and pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene. When it is wet, it is necessary to clean the dust filter of the air conditioner frequently, use diluted bleach to clean the mold in the corner, and dehumidify the household items. Wang Junling reminded, “Quitting smoking, exercising more, getting enough rest, and eating a balanced diet are clichés. If you do it, it will help improve your resistance. Even if you have allergies, you can reduce the frequency or severity of attacks.”

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