Cougar’s NxSys Aero Gaming Chair with Built-In Cooling Fan Unveiled at COMPUTEX 2023

Among the many reveals at COMPUTEX 2023, Cougar showed off its new gaming chair on the show floor. Although it looks like a prank chair at first glance, it’s real and has a fan behind the chair.

With summer starting and us dreading our backs glued to chairs, the Cougar NxSys Aero looks like an enticing offering.It won’t cool you all over, but the RGB fans are designed to keep you “Comfort and focus for hours”.

In addition to the fans, the Cougar has implemented what it calls an “air flex” system that uses mesh and a vented back cover to give you adaptive, cool cushioning. The chair starts at $399, but it doesn’t have batteries, meaning you’ll need your own USB power bank to get it going. However, if you’re looking for a new chair with some help with the heat, it might be worth buying the chair itself and the power bank.

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