CÔTE-D’OR: MEDEF petitions against the removal of TGV services in Montbard

SNCF would consider removing stops at Montbard on the TGV Dijon-Paris link. MEDEF Côte-d’Or asks its members to sign the petition which tries to influence the position of the SNCF.

MEDEF Côte-d’Or press release of October 9, 2020:

The Medef Côte-d’Or is joining the NO to the elimination of trains on the Dijon-Montbard-Paris line.

While companies are facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, SNCF takes the decision to remove Dijon-Montbard-Paris links.

The Medef Côte-d’Or denounces a blow to the economic dynamism and the attractiveness of the territory, in particular of the upper Côte-d’Or.

The news broke through the press, without users being warned: a round trip was canceled on the Belfort-Paris link, serving Besançon, Dole, Dijon and Montbard. And not just any: the one mostly borrowed by workers and business leaders because it allows you to arrive in Paris for 9am. A hard blow for businesses in the area which are trying to cope with the crisis and are fully mobilized to maintain their activity.

For factories located in Haute Côte-d’Or, the consequences could prove to be disastrous: this line is indeed necessary for the development of order books and relations with principals located in the great majority in the Paris region.

The economy of the Côte-d’Or is also based on its attractiveness and its ability to attract executives. The abolition of these trains will call into question the ability for some to be able to reconcile work and family life when the latter is based in one of the large agglomerations impacted by these reductions. Lifestyles are being rethought and Parisians increasingly want to leave the capital to revive the countryside.

A decision against the background of the health crisis

SNCF declares that it is not economically or ecologically responsible for circulating TGVs that are not full. This is why, to take into account the impacts of this health crisis, SNCF TGV has decided to reduce a certain number of services.

This is nonsense when we consider that these same users will be forced to take their car as a replacement solution. “It is the responsibility of the State and the Region to maintain the lines of communication essential to the economic health of our companies. We need to continue working and thus help rebuild the economy of our territory ”- David BUTET, President of Medef Côte-d’Or

Medef Côte-d’Or supports the petition of the “Collective of Subscribers and Customers Fréquence Dijon / Montbard / Paris”

A collective was created in an attempt to influence the decision of the SNCF and launched an online petition on October 6. The objective: to make the voice of regular travelers whose activity depends on these trains heard. Among them are caregivers, business leaders, but also teachers.

Aware of the associated economic challenges, Medef Côte-d’Or has decided to support this petition by urging its members to sign it.

Link to the petition

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