COSLADA / They request a “greater diffusion” of the workshops on the safe use of social networks


The spokesperson for Ciudadanos assures that “it is necessary to inform adolescents of the safe, responsible and appropriate use of social networks”

COSLADA / MARCH 9, 2021 / Ciudadanos (Cs) Coslada has registered a motion to disseminate the information workshops aimed at adolescents, families and professionals, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Birth through the General Directorate of Children, Family and Birth.

“The relationships between our adolescents and young people, both in the physical world and in the virtual world, have to be egalitarian and risk-free,” said Cs spokeswoman Julia Gómez, explaining that especially at this time, “in which boys and girls have increased their contact through new technologies ”.


“Inappropriate use of the internet and social networks negatively affect our health and social skills,” recalled the mayor, requesting the support of the rest of the City Council groups to “inform our adolescents to maintain personal and sexual relationships healthy based on equality, tolerance and respect and make responsible use of the digital environment ”.

Julia Gómez, spokesperson for Ciudadanos Coslada

“This is precisely what the Community of Madrid is working on, whose assistance is directed to three areas: prevention, training and intervention,” the spokesperson concluded.

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