Coronia crisis was traumatic for a quarter of health workers

Half of the care workers feel emotionally and physically exhausted. Some are even considering working less or quitting less.

Double feeling about applause

The staff also feel that they are not sufficiently appreciated, the survey shows. The national applause campaign, intended as a token of appreciation, mainly creates ‘a double feeling’.

“Many healthcare workers now experience not so much applause, but rather a raised middle finger, especially from politics,” says Kitty Jong of the FNV.

This week it was announced that health workers will receive a bonus of 1000 euros. FNV calls that ‘a start’, but according to the union more is needed. According to the care staff, the bonus should have been almost twice as high: 1,850 euros.

More wages

Almost three quarters of the staff believe that the bonus only makes sense if there is also a substantial structural salary increase. The health care workers believe they are entitled to 7.6 percent.

More than 6,600 employees from hospitals, care institutions and home care institutions participated in the study. In Hollandse Zaken, healthcare staff look back on the past few months tonight.

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