Coronavirus worldwide: Macron is considering easing lockdown – politics

In view of the falling corona infections, French President Emmanuel Macron is holding out the prospect of gradually easing the contact restrictions that have been in force since October 30. “The point is to adjust the rules for the lockdown if the health situation improves,” said a government spokesman for the newspaper Sunday newspaper.

Restaurants, bars and many non-essential shops in France have had to remain closed since the end of October. Macron’s speech on the current pandemic situation has been announced for Tuesday, in which he wants to show prospects for the coming weeks. Easing is planned in three stages, with a first step in early December, which could potentially bring easing especially for retailers, and further steps just before the holidays and in January.

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In France, it was possible to limit the increase in new infections somewhat. For example, the number of new coronavirus infections rose by almost 17,900 on Saturday, while the plus on Friday was almost 22,900. The number of hospital patients has also fallen for the fifth day in a row.

Easing in England and the Netherlands, tightening in Portugal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to end the partial lockdown, which has been in effect since the beginning of November, on December 2nd as planned, his office announced on Saturday evening. Then a three-tier system of local restrictions would be reintroduced in England. Scotland and Wales have their own regulations issued by the local autonomous authorities.

Easings are already in force in the Netherlands. From last Thursday on, theaters, museums, cinemas and libraries are allowed to reopen. However, bars, cafes and restaurants will remain closed. In the future, the country with a population of 17 million will be able to receive three guests at home – so far there have been two.

In contrast, the government in Portugal has adopted new restrictions on freedom of movement. For the next two extended weekends, people are not allowed to leave their residential areas, with a few exceptions, said Prime Minister António Costa on Saturday evening in Lisbon. In addition, a mask requirement will be introduced at the workplace. With almost 7,000 new infections within 24 hours, Portugal had only reached a new high of reported virus infections on Thursday. Compared to other European countries, Portugal got through the pandemic relatively well in the spring. The situation has been getting worse and worse for weeks.

Results of the corona mass test in South Tyrol

In a three-day corona mass test in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol, several thousand people found out about their infection. By Sunday morning, almost 270,000 citizens in the small Alpine province had had a free smear test. As the authorities announced on the Internet, a total of 2626 participants, i.e. about one percent, received a positive corona result by 10 a.m. People in South Tyrol can take part in the mass test until Wednesday evening.

A good half a million people live in the province of Bolzano-South Tyrol, over which a partial lockdown has been imposed. The authorities hope to reach up to 350,000 of them. According to experts, the success of a mass test depends heavily on a high participation rate. The state government wants to break the second corona wave faster: Virus carriers who have no idea of ​​their infection are to be discovered. They are considered a dangerous source of infection.

More than twelve million Covid-19 cases in the US

In the United States, more than twelve million confirmed infections with the coronavirus have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic. That comes from data from the University of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In the past week alone, the number of known infections increased by a million, on Friday the number rose again by 195,542 cases.

The United States, a country of roughly 330 million people, has more confirmed infections and deaths than any other state. According to the university’s data, more than 255,000 people have died so far as a result of the Covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus.

WHO expert criticizes governments in Europe

A Covid-19 expert from the World Health Organization warns European governments of a third wave. “They failed to build the necessary infrastructure in the summer months after they had brought the first wave under control,” said David Navarro in an interview with Swiss newspapers. “Now the second wave is here. If you don’t build the necessary infrastructure now, we will have a third wave at the beginning of next year.”

Report: WHO advises against remdesivir

According to a report, the World Health Organization advises against the use of the once promising drug Remdesivir for Covid-19 diseases. After careful examination, a panel of experts from WHO came to the conclusion that the drug “has no significant influence on mortality or other important effects on patients, such as the need for artificial ventilation or the time to recovery,” wrote the journal British Medical Journal in an article published on Friday. It is also not yet ruled out that the drug could also cause damage. Then there would be the costs.

In Germany, despite the WHO study, Remdesivir should initially continue to be used to treat certain corona patients. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health announced that they wanted to wait for a reassessment at EU level. Remdesivir is only used in very specific cases. Remdesivir was originally developed by the US pharmaceutical company Gilead to fight the Ebola virus. After the global pandemic broke out, it was considered a beacon of hope in the fight against Covid-19 for a while. of certain patients. Most recently, however, tests had suggested that the drug’s benefit is minimal at best.

Slovakia plans new corona mass tests

Slovakia is preparing new nationwide corona mass tests. Prime Minister Igor Matovic announced December 2nd as the next date for testing almost the entire population. As early as the beginning of November, under the direction of the Ministry of Defense, a large number of residents who are older than ten years were subjected to a rapid antigen test.

While the head of government boasts that his idea of ​​mass tests is now serving as a model for imitators from Liverpool to South Tyrol to neighboring Austria, criticism is increasing in the country. After the first two rounds of testing, those who had not been tested were treated almost like people with a positive test result. You weren’t even allowed to go to work without a negative test.

More than 100,000 fatalities in Mexico

In Mexico, the death toll from coronavirus infection has risen to more than 100,000. With 576 new deaths compared to the previous day, the country exceeded this mark as the fourth in the world after the USA, Brazil and India, according to the Ministry of Health.

In reality, however, at least 150,000 people in Mexico have died as a result of Covid 19 disease. The government announced on October 25th that an estimated 50,000 deaths did not appear in official statistics. There have never been any mandatory exit restrictions in Mexico. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has often downplayed the risk of the pandemic in recent months.

Africa exceeds two million mark in corona cases

Africa has reached the mark of two million in the number of proven corona cases. A total of 2,013,388 cases have been documented on the continent, figures from the African Union health organization showed on Thursday. More than 48,000 people have died of Covid-19 so far.

With around 760,000 cases, South Africa provides the majority of the registered infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Other priority countries are Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia. According to experts, the number of unreported cases on the continent with its 1.3 billion people is much higher. The coronavirus initially spread relatively slowly across the continent, the total number is still low compared to other regions. The first case occurred later in Africa than elsewhere, and most governments were quick to take tough measures.



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