Coronavirus was four times more infectious than influenza: Society: Russia:

The contagiousness of the coronavirus is four times higher than that of the flu. This was told by the chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health Alexey Mazus, according to the Izvestia newspaper.

He noted that, despite these figures, up to 80 percent of those infected suffer the disease in a mild form, and many do not even know about their illness. It is because of this that it is important to get tested for infection. “The issue of diagnostics is important, first of all, not even for them, but for their grandparents. Because for the elderly, this infection is quite serious and formidable, ”the doctor explained.

Mazus added that over the past six months in Russia and other countries, it was possible to establish work on early detection of infection, learn how to treat infected people and thereby reduce mortality.

Formerly Russian doctors noticed the disappearance of influenza amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mostly, coronavirus-related pathogens such as rhinovirus and parainfluenza have been reported. In addition, the coronavirus infection has been found to have the ability to crowd out even competitors such as tumors. According to doctors, in some patients with the initial stage of cancer after treatment for coronavirus, the indications for chemotherapy disappeared.

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