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06.05.2020 | 04:15
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The coronavirus left between Monday and Tuesday a total of 10 deaths in the Valencian Community. A slightly higher figure than the previous days but clearly stabilized. 64 new positives were added and 7,650 new registrations were exceeded.

There were 11 new admissions, the lowest number since March 18 and the total figures indicate that they have died 1,289 people since the pandemic began.

On the national scene, Sánchez believes that the state of alarm is the “only valid instrument” and seeks the support of Cs and PNV after the refusal of ERC and the question of the PP. That doubt within the popular arises from the fact that some party barons raise endorsement of latest expansion with the idea of ​​preparing for a “co-governance” later.

In addition, the Central Government gave the order to make the register more flexible so that the most vulnerable can collect social aid. Is about homeless or living in substandard housing and thus be able to provide a fictitious address for notifications.

Last minute of the coronavirus in Valencia and Valencia today

A hairdresser measures the temperature to a client. German Knight.

Continue with Levante-EMV live the last minute of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community.

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Experts predict chaos if there is no alarm decree

Last minute of the coronavirus in Valencia

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