Coronavirus, today’s bulletin Sunday 31 May 2020

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin, Sunday 31 May 2020 with the numbers provided by the Civil Protection. There are 75 victims in the last 24 hours. There are 355 new cases found throughout Italy. Of these, more than 200 in Lombardy alone (59 percent). Without going too far, the picture is positive and encouraging. The new positives drop from 416 yesterday to 355 today. Last Sunday there were 531. No victims in 10 areas of the country: Marche, Umbria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta, Calabria, Molise, Basilicata, Trento and Bolzano. No new cases found in Umbria, Sardinia, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata. 435 patients are admitted to intensive care throughout Italy.

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin May 31, 2020

Today’s Bulletin Sunday 31 May:

  • Died: 33,415 (+75)
  • Intensive care: 435 (-15)
  • Healed: 157.507 (+1.874)
  • Total cases: 233.019 (+355)
  • Currently positive: 42,075 (-1,616)
  • Buffers: 3.878.739 (+54.118)

During the day, all the data from the individual regions arrived. Here are the case numbers in the individual regions in the past 24 hours. In Lombardy there are 33 new deaths. The contagion curve rises Rome, Today there are 8 new positive patients. Six new infected and two more deaths in Veneto in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus, today’s numbers May 31 from the regions

The number of new cases recorded in the past 24 hours in all regions:

  • Lombardy 88,968 (+210, + 0.2%; yesterday +221)
  • Emilia-Romagna 27,790 (+31, + 0.1%; yesterday +20)
  • Veneto 19,152 (+6, + 0.1%; yesterday +12)
  • Piedmont 30,637 (+54, + 0.2%; yesterday +82)
  • Marche 6.730 (+3, + 0.1%; yesterday +4)
  • Liguria 9,663 (+12, + 0.1%; yesterday +32)
  • Campania 4,802 (+5, + 0.1%; yesterday +10)
  • Tuscany 10,104 (+4, + 0.1%; yesterday +12)
  • Sicily 3,443 (+1, + 0.1%; yesterday +2)
  • Lazio 7,728 (+13, + 0.2%; yesterday +6)
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia 3,273 (+2, + 0.1%; yesterday +4)
  • Abruzzo 3,244 (7, + 0.2%, yesterday the Region had not communicated the data)
  • Puglia 4,494 (+4, + 0.1%; yesterday +8)
  • Umbria 1,431 (no new cases for the fifth consecutive day)
  • Bolzano 2,597 (+1, + 0.1%; yesterday +1)
  • Calabria 1,158 (no new cases for the fourth consecutive day)
  • Sardinia 1,356 (no new cases for the second consecutive day)
  • Aosta Valley 1,184 (+1, + 0.1,%; yesterday +1)
  • Trento 4,430 (+1, + 0.1%; yesterday +1)
  • Molise 436 (no new cases for the second consecutive day)
  • Basilicata 399 (no new cases for the seventh consecutive day)

The numbers of May 31 province by province

In Lombardy 210 new infections in the last 24 hours. 33 deaths. The total number of confirmed victims in Lombardy is 16,112. Almost a thousand healed more, 990 to be exact. Non-ICU admissions are returning (-176 for a total of 3,131), while those in ICU are stable (-2, total 170). There are currently 20,996 positive cases (-813).

30,637 (+54 compared to yesterday, of which 16 detected in the RSA and 18 asymptomatic) have so far tested positive for Covid-19 in Piedmont. There are 9 deaths of positive people at the Covid-19 test reported in the afternoon by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region, of which none at the moment registered today. The total is now 3,867 deaths tested positive for the virus. Intensive care patients are 58 (-2 compared to yesterday). 973 inpatients not in intensive care (-15 compared to yesterday).

Six new infected and two more deaths in Veneto in the last 24 hours. These are the lowest numbers recorded by the Region since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency. This is what emerges from the latest bulletin of the Veneto Region. The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic in Veneto amounts to 19,152 and the total number of deaths to 1,918. The number of inpatients is 385, one more than yesterday. In intensive care there are 29 people, one person less than yesterday.

There are no new positivity at Covid-19 in Sardinia. A total of 1,356 cases have been ascertained since the beginning of the emergency. This is what the Regional Crisis Unit detected in the latest update. In total, 57,296 tests were performed on the island. There are a total of 35 hospitalized patients, 2 of whom are in intensive care, while 150 are people in home isolation. The progressive positive cases figure includes 981 patients recovered (+1 compared to the previous figure), plus another 60 clinically cured. The number of victims remains unchanged (130).

In the last 24 hours in Sicily there was only one new infection, 13 recovered and one death. This is what emerges from the bulletin of the presidency of the Sicilian Region communicated to the national crisis unit. Since the beginning of the checks, the swabs carried out have been 150,054 (+1,183 compared to yesterday), out of 128,717 people: 3,443 (+1) were positive, while currently 986 (-13) are still infected, 2,183 have healed ( +13) and 274 died (+1). Of the current 986 positives, 72 patients (-2) are hospitalized – including 7 in intensive care (0) – while 914 (-11) are in home isolation.

In Calabria to date 68,015 swabs have been made. The people tested positive for Coronavirus are 1,158 (+0 compared to yesterday), the negative ones are 66,857 “. We read it in the bulletin of the Calabria Region, which records the fourth consecutive day without new cases and the second without deaths (97 in total) .

The region Marche in the last 24 hours 1,150 swabs for the positivity at Covid-19: 670 of the new diagnosis path and 480 of the path healed. The positives were three: one in the province of Ancona, one in that of Macerata and one in that of Pesaro Urbino.

All negative 459 swabs examined yesterday in Basilicata and the trend of zero infections is consolidated. According to the daily bulletin of the health task force, the currently positive cases drop to 27 (-2) while 27 people have died and 343 (+2) recovered. There are 4 (-1) hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera and nobody is in intensive care.

The contagion curve rises Rome, Today there are 8 new Covid-19 positive patients. In particular, there are 5 new positive cases in the ASL Roma 1, two in the Asl Rm2 and one in the Asl Rm3 which also includes the Fiumicino area. In province of Romeinstead, in total there are just two new cases. In the other cities of the Lazio three new cases (two in Frosinone and one in Rieti). There have been 7 deaths in the past 24 hours.

In Puglia only 4 new positive cases out of 1860 texts. 4 provinces free from infections. Four died compared to five yesterday. The 4 positives are recorded 2 in the province of Bari and 2 in that of Foggia. No new contagion in the provinces Bat, Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto. The deaths occurred 3 in the Bat province (Barletta-Andria-Trani) and 1 in the province of Bari. In total, the number of deaths rises to 504. Since the beginning of the emergency, 118,652 tests have been carried out. 2,813 patients recovered (+45 compared to yesterday) and 1,177 currently positive cases (- 45).

In South Tyrol842 swabs were made in the past 24 hours. One was positive: the number of people positive for the Coronavirus test remains at 2,597 (+1). At the provincial level, the Health Authority reports that to date (31 May) it has carried out a total of 66,247 swabs on 30,790 people: a total of 15 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized, 2 people hospitalized in the intensive care units: there are 2 South Tyrolean patients admitted to intensive care units in clinics in Austria.



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In all in Emilia Romagna there were 27,790 cases of positivity, 31 more than yesterday: of these new cases, 23 are asymptomatic. 4,109 the swabs carried out, thus reaching a total of 325,482, to which 2,300 serological tests have been added since yesterday. There are 140 new healings, for a total of 20,513: over 73% of the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic. Active cases continue to decline, namely the number of actual patients, which have now fallen to 3,164 (-116 since yesterday). People in isolation at home, that is, those with mild symptoms, who do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, total 2,713 (about 86% of those sick), -103 compared to yesterday. ICU patients are 57 (-8). Those hospitalized in the other Covid wards also decreased, falling to 393 (-5). The total number of people recovered has therefore risen to 20,513 (+140): 883 “clinically healed”, that is, they have become asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection, and 19,630 those declared healed in all respects because they were negative in two consecutive tests. Unfortunately, there are 7 new deaths: 5 women 2 men. Overall, in Emilia-Romagna they reached 4,114.

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