Coronavirus today. In Italy 68% of the population is vaccinated


The trend of the pandemic in real time

The data of the vaccinated as of September 14, 2021
  • Camera, Hearing on pandemic and inequalities in the world of work

    Today at 1.30 pm, the Labor Commission of the Chamber, regarding the fact-finding survey on the new inequalities produced by the pandemic in the world of work, is holding a hearing with representatives of the Alliance against poverty in Italy. The appointment is broadcast live on webtv.

  • Australia, cyberattacks have increased with the pandemic

    Cybercrime is booming in Australia due to the Covid pandemic, with a surge in severe attacks on healthcare and hospital systems. This was revealed by the latest annual report by the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center according to which over 67,500 complaints were registered in the year 2020/21, 13% more than the previous 12 months, with losses reported by victims of about 33 billion Australian dollars (€ 20.5 billion). Ransomware attacks increased by 15%, while a quarter of cybersecurity incidents affected essential infrastructure and services. The report notes that hackers “exploit the pandemic” with ‘spear phishing’ attacks, email scams or electronic communications in general, to obtain personal information for fraudulent purposes. According to the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center, it is likely that cybercriminals were behind the recent wave of attacks that demanded ransom from hospitals and public health networks to recover their data. These included an attack last March on a public hospital in Melbourne, which caused the postponement of surgery and “highlighted the vulnerability of health facilities”.

  • Milan Court limits parental responsibility to mum no vax

    Against vaccines, masks and tampons. Positions defined as “extremist and negationist” and “of serious damage to the health of the younger daughter” by the Civil Court of Milan which – as reported by Corriere della Sera – has decided to limit parental responsibility to the mother no vax of an 11 year old. The divorced father of the child was authorized by the IX family section to “provide autonomously, without the mother’s consent” to subject the 11-year-old to all mandatory and recommended vaccinations, to swabs to detect positivity to Sars-Cov-2, to make her wear a mask and, at the age of 12, to “independently evaluate, without the mother’s agreement, if it is necessary or even only appropriate to administer the anti Covid vaccine”.


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