Coronavirus ticker: Berlin also wants to close almost all shops

12:54 pm | Berlin also wants to close almost all shops

Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller has announced that most shops in the capital will be closed. Beyond the grocery store, all shopping offers would have to be shut down. There is no other way, said the SPD politician. The lockdown should apply until January 10th, from when exactly has not yet been determined but probably before Christmas. The Sunday shopping on December 20 should also be canceled.

The health of Berliners is more important to me than a shopping experience.

Michael Müller (SPD), Governing Mayor of Berlin

In addition, as in Saxony, the Christmas holidays are to be extended until January 10th. However, there is still no decision by the Senate on this, said Müller. Consultations are still ongoing.

12:20 pm | Saxony is testing a “Corona warning buzzer”

A warning system that works without a smartphone is now being tested in Saxony. As announced by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Dresden, the prototype of the “Corona warning buzzer” is being tested in Augustusburg with a maximum of 2,500 participants. The state is funding the project with two million euros. The device, which is about the size of a car key, can recognize and save contacts with other people via Bluetooth if they use a warning app on their smartphone or a buzzer. If a user reports a coronavirus infection within 14 days, all closer contacts should be identified and informed as far as possible.

11:52 am | Daycare Association criticizes closings in Saxony

From the lockdown in the spring it was known that the negative consequences for children were immense. They would need contact with other children and could not do this digitally. In addition, childcare ensures that parents can work. The association represents the independent, non-state daycare operators.

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11:31 am | Magdeburg university employees in quarantine

Employees of the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences were sent into quarantine after a meeting in Magdeburg. As the university announced today, the coronavirus infection of a colleague who took part in the exam with around 20 others on Friday became known. From the point of view of the university, there was enough space in the Audimax with around 400 seats. However, the health department decided to quarantine the participants of the meeting who live in the state capital.

11:17 am | School too: Ministry advises vacation days

Sachen’s Ministry of Economic Affairs advises employees whose children can no longer go to kindergartens or schools from Monday to take vacation or reduce overtime. In “Information on work and childcare in lockdown” on Facebook it says, for example: “Childcare can be guaranteed, for example, by taking vacation days or reducing overtime.” In general, parents should try to come to an agreement with employers.

It also said that if schools and kindergartens are closed on the basis of the Infection Protection Act, employees who look after children should not be dismissed. The Ministry does not provide an explanation for this statement. According to labor lawyers applies in such cases 275 BGB, but only for children under the age of twelve and if other care is not possible.


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