Coronavirus: thousands of tonnes of AOC cheeses trapped

Overnight, 2,000 tonnes of the finest French cheeses found themselves deprived of their usual customers. The closure of restaurants, markets, supermarket shelves has caused the stacking of Brie, Camembert, Chavignol, Roquefort, Maroilles, Tommes de Savoie and many others.

In cheese, losses since confinement are estimated at 157 million euros, endangering a largely mountain-based economy. In fact, if nothing changes, other cheeses in the process of ripening will soon find themselves in the same situation. Without solution. “Every day, we sacrifice some. We sell them or we give them away, ”laments Michel Lacoste, the president of the National Council of Designations of Dairy Origin (CNAOL). In addition to the 2,000 orphan tonnes, 7,000 tonnes will soon be added when leaving the cellar.

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