Coronavirus: the world crosses the 10 million infected mark

The world passed Sunday the milestone of 10 million infected with the new coronavirus, which continues to wreak havoc in the United States and seems to be restarting in China.

Europe is the continent most affected, with 2.6 million cases but, in number of deaths, the United States is largely in the lead: they record more than 125,000 deaths, while the total death toll approaches half -million.

The return to normal in many countries should not make us forget that the pace of the pandemic continues to accelerate worldwide: the number of reported cases has doubled since May 21 and more than a million new ones Covid-19 cases have been recorded over the past six days.

– “Serious and complex” –

On Saturday, the United States passed the 2.5 million contamination mark, with the pandemic appearing out of control in the south of the country. Florida in particular recorded a new record, with 9,585 new patients and 24 deaths in one day.

For the governor of the state, Ron DeSantis, there is a “real explosion” of the disease in young people who have returned to the beaches and night parties thanks to the deconfinement.

Cradle of the pandemic, born in December in Wuhan, in the center of the country, China believed to have finished with the Covid-19. Alas, the virus reappeared in mid-June in Beijing, to the point that the authorities had to resolve to close schools and confine several thousand people in residential areas deemed at risk.

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Sunday, local authorities announced the confinement of the canton of Anxin, located 60 kilometers south of Beijing, after the discovery of a dozen cases related to the Beijing epidemic rebound.

In Beijing, where 311 cases have been diagnosed and some 7.7 million people tested, “the epidemic is serious and complex,” said Xu Hejian, a municipal spokesman, on Sunday.

– “I am wearing a mask” –

In contrast, South Korea continues to return to normal. The country has managed to control the situation thanks to a very extensive strategy of testing and tracing the contacts of infected people, without even imposing compulsory confinement.

As a result, spectators will again be allowed to attend sporting events, authorities said on Sunday.

Elsewhere in the world, the situation is mixed.

Obligatory mask in certain public places and green light to the reintroduction of restrictive measures: the Iranian government decreed the remobilization Sunday, the day after a call of the supreme guide to vigilance.

The country hardest hit by the pandemic in the Middle East, Iran has recorded a record 144 deaths in the past 24 hours, a high in almost three months which brings the national death toll to 10,508 deaths.

“I am wearing a mask”: despite a public health campaign to encourage Iranians to go out covered, only “50% of metro passengers wear masks” and “even less on the buses”, deplored the mayor of Tehran Pirouz Hanachi.

– Acceleration –

The epidemic is also accelerating in India, which has exceeded 500,000 cases of coronavirus, and recorded a record of some 18,500 cases in a single day Saturday.

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“Unlike China, where the pandemic was relatively more concentrated, around Wuhan and a few other cities, India has a wider distribution which makes things a little more complicated for the health system,” explained to l ‘AFP Anant Bhan, a public health expert.

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But neighboring Sri Lanka, where only 11 people died from the virus, ended containment measures on Sunday that were reintroduced in late May for fear of an epidemic rebound.

In Latin America, Bolivia had a record Saturday of daily cases of coronavirus, or 1,253 additional infections, bringing the total number to 30,000. “We are entering a phase of rapid increase in Covid-19 cases,” said Minister of Health Eidy Roca.

– Recovery plan –

In Europe, the deconfinement is largely started, and the hour is with the definition of an economic strategy to leave the crisis.

In Great Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to unveil an ambitious recovery plan, based on major infrastructure works (roads, schools, hospitals, prisons), to support the economy of the country.

There is no question of going back to “austerity as it was ten years ago,” Johnson told the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, the head of government will unveil this plan, which he describes as “a very big moment”, during a speech on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia will have to do without € 10.6 billion in revenue from the Mecca pilgrimage, while the world‘s largest crude exporter is already hit hard by the fall in oil prices and the economic impact of containment.

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After welcoming 2.5 million pilgrims in 2019, the kingdom had to resolve to accept only 1,000 faithful this year, due to the pandemic.

“Zero sales, zero income,” sums up Ahmed Attia, a 39-year-old Egyptian expatriate who works for a travel agency in the holy city.

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