Coronavirus: the price of soft drinks could go up


The situation should quickly improve with the end of the containment measures. © Nicolas Guyonnet / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

If the terraces of cafes and restaurants are about to reopen in France, the amount of the bill could spoil the party somewhat. The responsibles ? Soft drinks, which are likely to cost more due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Their basic element, carbon dioxide, has indeed become a scarce commodity in recent months, its price increasing by nearly 25%, as explained in an article in the Wall street journal spotted by our colleagues from International mail.

Main reason for this shortage of carbon dioxide: the very composition of the product. This ethanol derivative is indeed “mixed with gasoline to help it burn more cleanly”, explains the American daily. However, the containment measures linked to the pandemic of new coronaviruses have led to a drastic drop in demand for fuels, leading in the wake of the closure of many ethanol plants around the world. “Carbon dioxide production has plummeted by about 30% this year compared to last year,” confirms the Compressed Gas Association, an American trade association for the industrial and medical gas supply industries.

“It restarts”

The situation should quickly improve with the end of the containment measures. “It is restarting. But we are starting from such a catastrophic level “,



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