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There are over 40 million cases of Covid in the world, according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, while the confirmed deaths are 1,113,750 since the beginning of the pandemic. And also in Italy the infections continue to rise: the latest toll, relative to Monday 19 October, of 9,338 positives and 73 deaths compared to 98,862 swabs (here the bulletin with data and here the bulletins showing the situation since the beginning of the pandemic).

11.10 am – Pregliasco, the explosive situation in Lombardy
The curfew in Lombardy is necessary because the situation is explosive. We talked about it in the Technical Scientific Committee of the Lombardy Region last Friday and we had already pointed out this need to President Attilio Fontana, in consideration of the situation in the explosive region. To say Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist of the University of Milan during the program The entrepreneur and the others on Cusano Italia Tv.

11.06 – Gimbe: measures effects will be neutralized by epidemic trend curve, the government chases the numbers of the day
According to the Gimbe Foundation, the effects of the restrictive measures introduced by the government, which cannot be assessed before 2-3 weeks, will likely be neutralized by the growth trend of the epidemic curve. The contagion curve – explains the Foundation – has taken on an exponential trend: in the week of 13-19 October the number of currently positive cases rose from 82,764 to 134,003 (+ 53.7%) and the positive / cases tested ratio increased in one week from 6.4% to 10.4%. Trends that are reflected, Gimbe communicates, both on the number of patients hospitalized with symptoms, which increased in the last 7 days from 4,821 to 7,676 (+ 59.2%) and of those in intensive care from 452 to 797 (+ 76.3% ) with signals of overload in different Regions, both on the progressive increase of lethality. The distress of the testing & tracing system increases the likelihood of underestimating cases, because the expansion of the pool of non-isolated asymptomatic patients further accelerates the spread of the infection. Gimbe beats the executive, accusing it of adopting a non-strategy, which would consist in being guided by the numbers of the day to define the extent of the containment measures, without considering the current dynamics of the epidemic, very different from those of the first wave. This inexorably favors the rise of infections and nullifies the effects of the measures for various reasons.

10.55 – De Magistris: In Campania we go towards the lockdown
In Campania I think we will go to the lockdown, there are about twenty beds left in intensive care and about fifty places in the ward and if the trend continues like that of these days I think that at the end of October there will be a lockdown. This was declared by the Mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris on RTL 102.5.

10.53 am – GB, healthy volunteers infected to speed up vaccine
Deliberately infecting volunteers with a known human pathogen is never to be taken lightly. However, such studies are enormously instructive about a disease, even as well-studied as Covid-19, explained Professor Peter Openshaw, co-researcher on the study. In the first phase, researchers will aim to determine the minimum level of exposure needed to cause the disease. They will then use the same model to study how potential vaccines work in the body, the immune response and treatments.

10.25 am – Burioni: Curfew? The main vehicle of contagion are the night watchmen
Faced with dramatic numbers, in Lombardy proposed curfew from 11pm to 5am. Because it has been scientifically proven that the main vehicle of contagion are the night watchers. With this ironic tweet, the virologist Roberto Burioni comments on the curfew proposal to stop the Covid-19 infections, which are constantly increasing in our country.

9.45 am – In Switzerland 8737 infections and 14 deaths over the weekend
The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) reports that 8737 new cases of Covid-19 were reported over the weekend, with a positive rate of 16.12% and a total of 83,159 since the beginning of the epidemic. The deaths are 14, which brings the death toll to 1837. The data collected are the figures of the last 72 hours in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein. The people hospitalized in the last three days are 171 (a total of 5447). In this period, 54,185 swabs were performed for a total of 1,632,288. The rate of positivity since the beginning of the pandemic was 5.8%.

9.35 am – Germany, 6,868 new confirmed cases of coronavirus
New record number of coronavirus cases in Germany: according to the bulletin of the Robert Koch Institute, 6,868 infections have been recorded in the last 24 hours, the highest number so far, and 47 deaths. Yesterday there were 4,325 positive cases and 12 deaths. With the latest data, the number of infected people and 9,836 that of victims rises to 373,167.

9.25 am – Ceremonies with 120 guests, closed restaurants in the Neapolitan area
The Guardia di Finanza of Naples controlled 551 people and 137 commercial activities throughout the province: 23 overall sanctions, including violations to contain the spread of COVID-19, complaints to the Judicial Authority and reports to the Prefect. In particular, the Tenenza di Baia ordered the closure for 5 days of two restaurants in Bacoli after having ascertained the presence, in four distinct ceremonies (three first communions and one baptism) of about 120 guests; the 2 owners sanctioned.

9.20 – Giro d’Italia, UAE rider and AG2R staff member positive at Covid
A runner from UAE Team Emirates positive result at Covid-19 and was entrusted to the team doctor who ordered the isolation measures and took the necessary actions, in accordance with WHO rules. This was announced by the organization of the Giro d’Italia after the 492 tests carried out on the rest day. A member of the staff of Team AG2R-La Mondiale also tested positive for Covid-19 and was entrusted to the team doctor who ordered the isolation measures and took the necessary actions, in accordance with the rules of the World Health Organization. .

8.50 am – Spain, Ryanair and EasyJet reduce flights
The second wave of the coronavirus is forcing airlines to worsen seasonal forecasts for the coming months and now the goal is to try to save Christmas, although it is already estimated that there will be an 80% drop in bookings for this period of the year. ‘year. In Spain, the low-cost carrier Ryanair, which had planned to operate 60 percent of its flights, announced that it would reduce this figure to 40 percent, after suffering a drastic drop in demand due to increased restrictions by numerous European governments. A similar policy was adopted by EasyJet, another large low cost carrier operating in the Spanish skies, with operations reduced to just 25% of flights until the end of the year. To try not to worsen the situation further, the Association of Airlines (Ala) has asked for a coordinated safety system for all the countries of the European Union, highlighting the need for the creation of safe tourist corridors.

8.40 am – Chrysants: With 10 thousand cases no system can hold up
Not a problem of quarantine, but of the detection of infections. We cannot do like China, which made millions of swabs out of 11 cases. Today we are living with the virus but with suffering and for this we need to reach low numbers of infections: with 10 thousand cases, no system can hold up. So the virologist Andrea Crisanti, full professor of microbiology at the University of Padua, in Agor on Rai3. The chains of transmission of infections must be blocked, he added.

8.20 am – WHO, cases on the rise in Europe? Quarantine errors
The skyrocketing number of coronavirus cases in the Northern Hemisphere due to the fact that people who have come into contact with an infected person have not been quarantined for an adequate period. This was claimed by WHO emergency director Michael Ryan. It did not happen everywhere and in a systematic way but I am convinced that it is the main reason why we are seeing such high numbers, he added specifying that in half of the 48 countries in Europe that are part of the UN Agency, cases of Covid-19 increased by 50%.

8.00 – Silverwarena, exceeded one million infections
Argentina has reached 1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, making it the second Latin American nation to reach the milestone and the fifth in the world to do so. The total toll reached 1,002,662 cases and 26,716 victims.

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