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Coronavirus, the infections project Italy towards “scenario 4”: the most serious

by world today news

29 October 2020 19:58

Following the increase in new cases, it is very likely that the Rt index has exceeded 1.5. Conte alla Camera: “This reality imposes more restrictive measures”

The strong increase in cases recorded would have caused the Rt index to jump above 1.5 between 12 and 18 October. The Rt index illustrates the transmission potential of a virus, and that is why it is closely linked to a possible one lockdown. An Rt value that stands at 1 indicates that on average one person with coronavirus can infect another.

Conte: “Pressure on the NHS, more restrictive measures needed” – It was Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte himself who reported, during the briefing to the Chamber, that the Rt index reached the critical threshold of 1.5. “The number of positives has grown worryingly and it is difficult to trace the transmission chains, as is happening in many European countries. The epidemiological picture is causing severe pressure on the NHS, with a significant increase in hospitalized people, both in the medical area. than in intensive care. From all this comes the need for more restrictive measures “.

Hope’s warning from five days ago – The warning issued by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, seems to have fallen on deaf ears. We need “rigorous, robust and serious measures to govern the curve and cool the epidemiological situation, avoiding reaching” more drastic measures “, he declared.” We have a significant surge – he added – and we must make the first interventions to start tighten and give a signal to the country that something was changing. We cannot have the immediate goal of zeroing Rt, which on 23 October was at a national average of 1.5, but we must absolutely lower it because it is not sustainable “.


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