Coronavirus. The epidemic in New York in “descending” phase, but the city remains cautious

The coronavirus epidemic in New York State, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, has for the first time begun a “downward” curve, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday, while calling not to relax containment measures.

42nd Street in New York, deserted.
42nd Street in New York, deserted. | PHOTO : TIMOTHY A. CLARY AFP

  • 42nd Street in New York, deserted. | PHOTO : TIMOTHY A. CLARY AFP

All indications are that we are in a downward phase, said the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, during his daily press briefing on the epidemic, coronavirus nevertheless calling for caution. Whether this decline continues will depend on what we do, said Cuomo, who recently extended containment measures until May 15.

We need to stay smart and coordinated, do not compromise the progress made, he insisted, as protests have multiplied across the United States to demand the end of containment measures and the revival of economic activities.

This state of some 20 million people has already recorded some 236,000 confirmed cases of the virus, nearly a third of all American cases, and more than 13,000 deaths, according to the latest figures available.

507 deaths in 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, the state has further deplored 507 deaths. This figure is nevertheless the lowest since April 2. On April 9, a daily death record was reached with 799 deaths.

The governor also announced massive serology testing statewide next week, to determine exactly how many people have been infected with the virus.

This measure should help determine the deconfinement strategy to adopt, a strategy that the governor stressed to coordinate with five other states in the northeast of the United States: New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island.

In a message that seemed to implicitly target President Donald Trump, accused of stirring up opposition to containment measures and push for a rapid recovery of the economy, he stressed the importance of leaders send the right message.

Now is not the time to send different messages, he said. If people don’t trust their government, if they think it’s chaos, or confusion in our policies, that would be a terrible message to send..

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Coronavirus. The epidemic in New York in “descending” phase, but the city remains

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