Coronavirus test for PLN 869. He showed the receipt and asked about the ministerial research

Long lines have been standing for days at medical points where tests for coronavirus are carried out. This is the effect of, among others high number of referrals for examinations from GPs.

There are also many people who are concerned about COVID-19 infection, have no symptoms, and want to be tested anyway. In this case, there is a paid test that can be done “privately”. The costs turn out to be huge in some cases.

On Twitter, one of the users showed a receipt issued by the largest network of medical laboratories in Poland. There is as much as PLN 869 to pay. The study itself amounted to almost PLN 500. In addition, the result was estimated at PLN 304, and the issuance of the certificate for another PLN 70.

In practice, this type of research turns out to be very expensive for the average Kowalski and practically inaccessible to e.g. the elderly. In one of the Twitter comments we read that the cost of such a test is half a pension.

We asked the company performing the test about the reasons for such a high price and are there cheaper tests on offer? At the time of publication, we did not receive a reply.

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The user who made the receipt public also turned to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He asked about the tests performed by government ministers: “You, the elected also pay so cheaply or do they examine you 10 times a day for free?” (original spelling).

It is worth mentioning, for example, that when the prime minister was isolated due to contact with an infected person, he was tested for COVID-19 almost immediately, despite the lack of symptoms. And reliable results are true in the case of tests performed on the sixth day from the potential infection. Thus, it was repeated several times.

So you can see that the coronavirus business is booming. The demand for this type of services is so huge that there are many companies that want to use it in various ways.

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