Coronavirus: South Korea is forced to reestablish restrictions amid worrying outbreak

The South Korean authorities kept the churches closed this Sunday and although they allowed baseball games they had to be fought without an audience, amid a resurgence of the coronavirus that has raised fears that the disease is overwhelming the health system.

The South Korean health agency reported 397 new cases, the 10th day in a row that it registered a triple-digit increase, close to the levels reached in the worst of the crisis in the spring.

The resurgence, which began in the capital Seoul but has spread to other cities and regions in recent days, is a painful setback for the country that has so far had an exemplary response to the virus.

After loosening strict social distancing measures, fearing it would hurt the economy, South Korean officials again imposed limits across the country starting Sunday.

Concentrations of more than 50 people in closed spaces and of more than 100 people in open spaces were prohibited. Nightclubs, karaoke rooms, buffet-style restaurants and video game cafes are closed.

Churches can only offer services online, and sporting events can be held without fans.


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