Coronavirus: scandal in New York over an ultra-Orthodox Jewish wedding with 7000 guests

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The Orthodox Jewish wedding in Brooklyn


NEW YORK.- While the United States fights to apply control measures against the coronavirus pandemic, and even all the schools in New York City were closed, a scandal was unleashed by the leak of images of a wedding that took place on November 8 and was attended by 7,000 people, all of them belonging to the Hasidic community ‘Satmar’, an offshoot of ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

The grandson of Aaron Teitelbaum, the chief rabbi of the Satmar community, was getting married, and did not propose the cancellation of the link at any time, despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic. In fact, as the New York Post publishes, they tried to hide the wedding from “the voracious press and government officials.”

The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, has already announced that the chief rabbi will have to pay a fine of $ 15,000 for having violated sanitary regulations.

The meeting took place in a synagogue with a capacity for 7,000 people located in Williamsburg, in the New York borough of Brooklyn. CAs you can see from the leaked images, it was absolutely packed. A party that nobody wanted to miss, especially since a few weeks before the authorities had prohibited another massive wedding, that of another grandson of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, in which 10,000 guests were expected. In the images you can see the guests crowding the synagogue, without chinstraps and without keeping the safety distance.

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This time, so that the police were not aware of this link, both the bride and groom and the rabbi put into practice an extreme measure: there were no written invitations, but everything was word of mouth, inviting the closest people. The strategy allowed to gather 7000 people in the synagogue without anyone knowing it and that only a subsequent leak has allowed to uncover.

Orthodox Jews are wary of vaccines and the measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, that did not prevent the death of R’Mayer Zelig Rispler, the president of the synagogue, who died of coronavirus at age 70 last October and who was one of the few voices in this community that had asked to be They will respect the security measures.

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