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ROMA. Stop to private parties, limitations to the hours of the premises but quarantine reduced to 10 days and no longer two tampons but only one to be declared cured and therefore be able to exit the isolation (while the asymptomatic who continue not negativizing will end the quarantine after 21 days) . The government is preparing to “tighten the shirts” and Health Minister Roberto Speranza goes on TV at dinner time to give what sounds like an ultimatum: the spread of the virus must be slowed down before being forced to drastic measures. Between tonight and tomorrow the new Dpcm should arrive with the rules to try to cope with the second surge in infections. Infections are still many, although fortunately in many cases they are asymptomatic or mild cases, but the trend worries the government. We need a squeeze, “we must do it immediately to avoid finding ourselves in such conditions as to then have to take tougher measures”, warns the minister bluntly.

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Yesterday there were 5,456 new infections, a slight decrease compared to the 5,724 on Saturday, but with over 28 thousand fewer tampons, as always happens on Sundays. Above all, the pressure on intensive care is worrying, with still few hospitalizations on the total of patients, but growing in absolute terms also by virtue of the many daily infections: only yesterday 30 more. “This brings us to a change of phase”, explains Speranza, adding that in a few months he hired over 30 thousand people in the health service.

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The declared goal is to avoid not only a new total blockade of the country, but also those closures at the local level which are also “a hypothesis” even if “to date there are no conditions for any territorial lockdown”, specifies the minister. The government is trying in every way to get around another stop that would be very heavy for an economic system already severely tried. “Non-essential activities” must be limited in order to keep productive activities and school open.

Before enacting the new rules, the government will see the regions again, the meeting is set for tonight, and the Dpcm should be given the go-ahead immediately after or tomorrow. An agreement is sought with the governors because, says Speranza, “we must work together and we must work as a team, the enemy is common and there is no way to divide”.

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The package of measures was already evaluated yesterday with the experts of the Scientific Technical Committee, Speranza asked them to work above all to find solutions that streamline the procedures for swabs and tests and, in fact, to shorten the time of quarantine as it already is. been made in other European countries. Currently just under half of the swabs carried out every day are used not so much to intercept new infected as to “free” the sick from isolation, because to be declared cured it takes two consecutive negative ones. But the CTS has given the ok, from now on a negative swab will be enough and this will free up resources to test the suspected new patients.

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To avoid the queues for tampons seen in recent days, then, the government has asked the CTS technicians for the go-ahead also for rapid tests – the antigenic ones – both for schools and for those who have not had close contact with an infected person. Certainly, Minister Lucia Azzolina specifies “there is no hypothesis of restrictive measures for schools”. The tests, then, can also be done in general practitioners’ offices. Good news for asymptomatic patients who continue to have positive swabs: from now on they will still be allowed to come out of quarantine after 21 days since, they explain to the CTS, studies prove that after 20 days the viral load is so low that it is not being able to infect other people.

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The “squeeze” will not, however, concern those who jog or ride a bike, as it seemed yesterday after the circulation of a circular from the Ministry of the Interior. A hypothesis that had immediately sparked controversy, even among those who support the government such as Matteo Renzi. In the evening the Interior Ministry clarified: the outdoor mask belongs to those who take a walk, that is “physical activity” and not to those who play sports, even if only at an amateur level.

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