Coronavirus: Primary, ‘Call to arms, worse than in March’ – Veneto

“We are making a ‘call to arms’, we have to call back doctors and nurses. It is worse here than in March”. Speak quickly on the phone with ANSA Claudio Micheletto, director of the penumology unit of the Verona hospital, where the department reserved for Covid patients was reopened yesterday.

“I’m entering now ..- he explains – we have to expand the availability of places. When I talk about March, I certainly don’t mean the numbers, then we had 180 patients and 60 intensive therapies in total in the company. But the flow is continuous: now in Borgo Trento we have 22 hospitalized in infectious diseases, full, and 6 in intensive care, full. With us in pulmonology in Borgo Trento, there are 20 occupied beds, and we have to expand. We add another 6, but the problem is not the seats, you need the staff“.

“Yesterday – wrote Micheletto in a post on Facebook – we reopened. We returned to pavilion 13, a small hospital dedicated only to Covid 19. I end a hallucinating night, continuous hospitalizations, I feel like I’m seeing a film I’ve already seen”.

“I fear that this night – he adds – a heavy resurgence has been triggered: emergency rooms overflowing, many people with symptoms. I do not remember who said that the virus was clinically dead. After 24 consecutive hours of work, perhaps I lose my memory”.

The doctor had written his last post on 2 June, precisely on the occasion of the ceased emergency: “After eighty days – he said – we closed a Covid ward, we are trying to return to normal life”.

However, calls for attention are multiplying in this delicate phase. “We need absolute rigor, we see 50-year-olds who get seriously ill, they are people who have an active social life”. This was stated by the president of the Italian Society of Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Intensive Care (SIAARTI), Flavia Petrini in the light of the data of this second wave of Covid. “The greatest burden is not now on intensive care but the virus is spreading in Italy in a generalized way and the regions that were less equipped suffer it more. Today we have a social and family contamination and the next dpcm aims to increase awareness on how important is reducing social interactions. We need to slow down activities “.


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