Coronavirus pandemic – One in ten people believe in a conspiracy theory

Theories which speak of a virus created in the laboratory, a Chinese biological weapon, or a conspiracy to monitor the population convince 10% of those questioned for a survey of researchers in Basel.

Hundreds of anti-mask demonstrators gathered at the Place des Nations in Geneva on September 12, 2020 to denounce the attacks on their fundamental freedom (photo illustration).

Enrico Gastaldello / azzurromatt

Virus created in the laboratory, Chinese biological weapon, conspiracy to monitor the population, the coronavirus pandemic promotes conspiracy theories. Around 10% of those questioned strongly approve of one or other of these theses, according to a survey of researchers from Basel.

Sarah Kuhn and Thea Zander-Schellenberg’s team at the University of Basel conducted an anonymized online survey of 1,600 people in German-speaking Switzerland and Germany last summer, the Basel alma mater said in a press release on Wednesday. .

Result: 10% of respondents strongly approved one or the other of these theories, an additional 20% little or moderately and 70% not at all. The distribution was identical in Switzerland and Germany. No difference between the sexes was noted, according to this work published in the journal Psychological Medicine.

Doubts about the origin of the virus

Among the 49 theories submitted to participants were: “The virus is a biological weapon developed by China to destroy the West”, “The antibody tests are a plot to harvest our DNA” or “The real reason for the confinement. is to impose mass surveillance ”.

The theses that have received the most approval are those questioning the official version on the origin of the virus. In German-speaking Switzerland, the theory that pharmaceutical companies created the virus to profit from vaccines received more approval than in Germany.


Posted: 04/07/2021, 6:10 PM

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