Coronavirus. Over 3.5 million cases worldwide

Over 3.5 million cases of new coronavirus have been officially declared worldwide, more than three-quarters of them in Europe and the United States, according to an AFP count from official sources at 3 a.m.

At least 3,500,517 cases of infection, including 246,893 deaths, have been recorded, particularly in Europe, the continent most affected with 1,547,180 cases and 143,584 deaths, as well as in the United States (1,158,040 cases , including 67,680 deaths). The number of cases diagnosed, however, only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections, with a large number of countries testing only serious cases.

New assessments, new measures, highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, which killed more than 245,000 people worldwide.

Vaccine in late 2020?

President Donald Trump estimated that a vaccine against the new coronavirus would be available by the end of 2020. “We think we will have a vaccine by the end of this year”said Trump. “The doctors will say: you shouldn’t say that. I say what I think “, he added.

Origin of the virus: the USA talks about “Evidence”

US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said there is a “Significant amount of evidence” that the new coronavirus came from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the cradle of the pandemic.

Partial deconfinitions in Europe

First measures of deconfinement enter into force on Monday in several European countries.

Italians can visit their families or meet in limited numbers. In Spain, some small businesses such as hairdressers will be able to receive clients individually by appointment, or in Germany, schools will gradually reopen in certain regional states.

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Over 245,000 dead

The pandemic has killed at least 245,576 people worldwide since its onset in December in China, according to an AFP report from official sources at 7 p.m. GMT on Sunday.

More than 3,479,220 cases have been diagnosed in 195 countries and territories.

The United States is the most affected country in terms of both death and case numbers, with 67,674 deaths for more than 1.15 million cases. Next came Italy with 28,884 dead, the United Kingdom (28,446), Spain (25,264) and France (24,895).

Brazil crossed the 100,000 case mark on Sunday Confirmed from Covid-19, which killed 7,025 people in this country where official figures are largely understated.

Remdesivir can be exported

The director of the American laboratory Gilead said that Washington would not block the exports of the experimental antiviral remdesivir, which shortens by several days, according to a large clinical trial, the recovery of the most seriously affected patients, without however having any effect on mortality.


In Israel, part of the primary classes have reopened, except in the so-called sectors ” at risk “.

After weeks of a ban, thousands of Palestinian workers from the occupied West Bank have been allowed to enter Israel.

Iranian mosques will reopen from Monday in 30% of the country’s counties.

Japan extends state of emergency

Initially applied until May 6, Japan plans to extend the state of emergency until May 31 for certain high-risk prefectures. An address by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected this Monday evening. Museums and bookstores could reopen under conditions and in compliance with social distancing measures. The country has more than 15,000 cases of contamination and 510 deaths.

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In Algeria, many shops – which had reopened last week – had to close again this weekend due to the non-application since the start of Ramadan of preventive measures.

No quarantine

France will not impose quarantine on “Anyone, whatever their nationality, from the EU, the Schengen area or the United Kingdom”, announced the French Presidency.

United Kingdom: deconfinement “in stages”

Minister of State Michael Gove Stressed Government Will Deconfinement “In stages”, with the possibility to suspend the process or even go back if necessary.

Senegal extends state of emergency

Senegal extended the state of emergency declared on March 23 until 2 June, accompanied by a night curfew.

Threats to vaccination

Millions of children in the Middle East and North Africa are at risk of not being vaccinated against polio and measles because of the pandemic, which has disrupted vaccination campaigns, UNICEF has alerted.

The resumption of German football becomes clearer

The German Minister of the Interior and Sports said he was in favor of a resumption of the football championship. Which would make Germany the first major European championship to take this step.

Economic consequences

The British industrial group Rolls-Royce is planning up to 8,000 layoffs due to the collapse of air traffic. This would represent around 15% of the workforce for the aircraft engine manufacturer.


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