Coronavirus, Nightlife | Per Sandberg on stop drinking:

Pouring stops can overthrow more bar owners, believes ex-politician and pub owner Per Sandberg.

– Honestly, I had a feeling that it was going to happen. So it was almost a bit as expected. But how well thought out this is in terms of the goal of limiting infection, I’m not sure, says pub owner Per Sandberg.

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On Friday afternoon, Minister of Health Bent Høie announced that there will be a bar stop across the country from midnight from night until next Sunday.

– From tomorrow, it will be forbidden to serve alcohol after midnight throughout the country, Høie said.

The former FRP profile and Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg runs the pub Grand Bar in Halden together with his cohabitant Bahare Letnes.

– In Halden we do not have extreme outcomes. And it is not the pub and restaurant that is the cause of the new boom, but private parties, travel and the Hurtigruten. On behalf of many in the industry, who were on their knees and trying to recover from the previous shutdown, I think this is very sad, even though we have actually considered closing at. 24 all week regardless of what came now.

Fear home parties

Høie fears more home parties when alcohol serving is now banned after midnight.

– I’m scared of it, I have to honestly admit that I am. Therefore, we are very clear that we must keep the rules we have in society. You have to know that when you have a home party, it can not be more than 20 and you have to keep a meter distance there and, says Bent Høie at Friday’s press conference.

– You have to think about that if you are going to hold a private party at home. Especially young people, who often feel it can be nice to invite someone to. Young people can also be infected without having symptoms, says Høie.

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– Can hit many

Many in the industry are affected, and they have it hard enough from before, Sandberg believes.

– But does a couple of hours from or play such a big role?

– It could have been worse, but some employees lose hours. For us, it does not matter much, but for many, the small loss of turnover between twelve and two can be decisive.

NHO Reiseliv, which organizes the nightlife companies, is also reacting to the liquor ban.

– Our members are skeptical about whether this has an effect. They believe that the pouring stop at. 24 will only lead to the party continuing in disorganized forms, says Michael Bjørndal, business policy specialist at NHO.

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In recent meetings with the health authorities, it has become clear that nightlife actors and restaurants have been good at dealing with infection control, Bjørndal believes.

– If we are to have both a reduction in serving time and area at the same time, we must continue with compensatory measures, such as rent subsidies. In addition, VAT should be reduced from 25 to 15 percent – this is overdue for revision – the industry has had dramatically worse framework conditions, says Bjørndal.

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