Coronavirus: New York City exceeds 20,000 deaths, according to municipal count

The US city of New York, the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, exceeded the barrier of 20,000 deaths, according to the municipal count, which includes confirmed and probable deaths from the disease.

A total of 20,056 people died as of Monday night according to the latest balance of the local Health Department.

Of that total, 14,928 are confirmed deaths from coronavirus, while in the other 5,128 the disease was registered as a probable cause, the health authority said, according to the EFE news agency.

These figures are higher than those offered by the New York state authorities, which only count the deceased who tested positive for Covid-19.

The last balance of the state showed fewer than 15,000 deaths in the Big Apple and 21,764 in the state as a whole.

The Johns Hopkins University count, meanwhile, raises the death toll to almost 27,000 in this state, the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States.

New York, the nation’s largest city, has about 8.5 million residents, and the state as a whole numbers nearly 20 million.

The actual death toll, however, may be even higher than that offered by New York City, according to a report released yesterday by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). .

According to the CDC, between mid-March and the beginning of this month of May there were some 24,000 more deaths than is normally recorded this season in the city of skyscrapers, so there would be thousands of deaths that can be attributed directly or indirectly to the outbreak.

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The United States, the country hardest hit by the pandemic in the world, surpassed the barrier of 80,000 deaths from the coronavirus, according to the JHU tally.

After New York, the most affected states are neighboring New Jersey, with about 9,300 deaths, and Massachusetts, with just over 5,100, according to the latest figures from that university.


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