World Coronavirus - New contaminations mainly affect people under 40:...

Coronavirus – New contaminations mainly affect people under 40: here’s why


The figures for the coronavirus in Belgium communicated by the Sciensano Institute of Public Health reveal a trend: the new infections mainly concern young people who generally develop few symptoms. We interviewed specialists to obtain their analysis and understand if this trend could represent a danger.

More than half of those infected with the virus confirmed today are under the age of 40. Unlike the beginning of the pandemic, the age group most affected is that of 20-30 years old. “There are different possibilities of explanation. One of them is that indeed the precautionary measures, the distancing and the wearing of the mask among others, are avowedly less observed by this public. He said so in different polls. We can expect that by celebrating a little closer with fewer means of protection, more transmissions of the virus have occurred.“, explains Yves Van Laethem, inter-federal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus.

Doesn’t mean there are more cases in this age group

For a Chirec infectiologist we interviewed, we must be attentive. “That does not mean that there are more cases in this age group. Maybe just before, at the time of the pandemic peak, there were many more seniors, people at risk, who had covid and therefore who had positive smears“, reacts Jean Gérain.

A symbolic example: the hundreds of revelers gathered in Ixelles at the end of June

On June 24, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès spoke directly to young people and pointed out the irresponsible attitude of some … like those who had gathered by the hundreds on Place Flagey in Ixelles. “Those present took the risk, directly or indirectly, of endangering months of collective effort“said the Prime Minister.

These are also young people who have an active life

Because even if this age group seems to be spared in severe cases, it is no less vulnerable. It can even become the main vector of propagation. “These are also young people who have an active life. So who will go to stores, restaurants, cinema, to friends … So I think vigilance remains essential“, says Jean Gérain.

This virus will continue to circulate. This virus will continue to be a problem. The base of the population, the base of the young working population, must realize that for itself, but especially for the most fragile people, it must, for months still certainly, practice these measures and remain vigilant for it, and for others too“Ajoute Yves Van Laethem.

A call to everyone’s responsibility during this summer period, to avoid a second wave one day.


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