Coronavirus: low immunity after a mild infection

After eight weeks, the number of antibodies was decreased in the first group to 81.1 percent, in the case of the people with symptoms to 62.2 percent. In addition, were found in asymptomatic patients and less to the immune response, involved in cell proteins, suggesting a weaker immune response to the new Coronavirus.

“This data could also identify the risks associated with the use of Covid-19-‘Immunity’ point,” write the authors of the study. The results were questions the notion that anyone who has made a infection, be against future infections immune.

Many data from severe disease

So far, many of the immunological data were derived for the Coronavirus pandemic of hospital patients with severe forms of the disease, said Danny Altmann, Professor of immunology at Imperial College London. Most of the Infected have only mild or no symptoms. It is, therefore, a crucial question is whether they, too, had a long-lasting, protective immunity.

Many of the patients in the study within two months, a significant decrease in the antibody, was “an important and potentially worrying issue”, said Altmann, who was not involved in the study. “Although it is a relatively small sample of patients, there are concerns that the natural immunity against coronaviruses and can be quite short-lived.”

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