Coronavirus loses strength in Mexico despite 60 thousand deaths

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who, based on data from recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic is losing strength in Mexico as there are fewer infections and deaths there by lamented the more than 60 thousand lives lost due to covid-19 in the country.

One day after the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus exceeded 60 thousand, a figure that Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell envisioned at the time as a “catastrophic” scenario, the President of the Republic said:

“This unfortunate pandemic that causes so much damage because many human beings lose their lives (…) it hurts us a lot. Already many here in our country, more than 60 thousand deaths, however the pandemic is giving wayAs the data from recent weeks show, it is already losing strength: fewer infections and most importantly, fewer deaths. “

The President of the Republic stressed that the health system has sufficient hospital beds to care for people with covid-19.

He explained that, regarding general hospital beds in covid areas, there is an occupancy of 37 percent and an availability of 63 percent, while of 10 thousand 587 beds with ventilator for intensive therapy, currently they are only 33 percent occupied and there is an availability of 67 percent.

In addition to the above, the president addressed a fraternal and affectionate greeting to the doctors, nurses and all workers in the health sector who, despite their fatigue, keep saving lives and fulfilling their responsibility, acting with humanism.

Regarding the research carried out to obtain the vaccine against covid-19, López Obrador said that Mexico is in five projects for that purpose but he has confidence in what AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford are doing.

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Since the beginning of Q4, the Mexican currency has depreciated by 7.9 percent

Regarding the economy, he said that Despite the Covid-19, the Mexican currency has only depreciated by 7.9 percent since the beginning of its administration and the Mexican oil mix “is worth more” at a cost of $ 40 a barrel.

The President thanked the taxpayers because the tax collection has not fallen, so Mexico has not incurred debt.

In tax revenue, in 2019 from January to August 2 trillion 176 billion pesos and this year, in the same period, was 2 trillion 245 billion, explained that in real terms the same was collected,

“The VAT fell but it did not even reach one percent,” said the President.

Until August 21, 66 thousand 734 jobs have been recovered

López Obrador reiterated that jobs have begun to recover in the country after layoffs during the pandemicUp to August 21, 66,734 jobs have been recovered.

In nine states of the country, he explained, job losses still persist while in 23 there is a recovery in the matter.

The president said that it is facing the coronavirus pandemic without indebting the country or impoverishing the Mexican population. His formula consists, he said, in not giving support to large companies but to people directly.

Regarding the return to classes, López Obrador reported that Esteban Moctezuma, Secretary of Public Education, Today at 5:00 p.m. it will finish informing about the return to classes and said that children or vulnerable populations cannot be put at risk, which is why classes will be at a distance.

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The Secretary of Public Education offered daily lectures to inform about the school calendar, class schedules and channels as well as doubts from parents and teachers.



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