Coronavirus, Locatelli: “12 days after the start of Phase 2, the surge in infections is still not there”

“I had a lot of laughter when I saw myself again in the imitation of Crozza su Nove”, she has fun Franco Locatelli, a member of the technical scientific committee on the Covid emergency, a reserved oncohematologist who loves to stay away from the limelight even when he would have to announce the many healings of children with blood cancer. The sketch by Maurizio Crozza and Andrea Zalonehas depopulated on Youtube. “He finds me in a good moment.”

“The data from the latest Civil Protection bulletin are beautiful, the best from 8 March to today in terms of mortality. Pressure on intensive care has further decreased. Only two regions, Lombardy and Piedmont, have three-digit positive numbers. The containment measures prevented the epidemic from spreading to the center, the south and the islands. “

Are you catching your breath?
«We begin to have data of some interest that give us breath, 12 days after the first reopenings. There was no dreaded surge, no negative impact on the slowdown of cases. “

Were you afraid of a sudden recovery?
«More than fear it, we were afraid of monitoring. So it is good that the gradual approach of reopening has given these answers “.

Should we not assume that Regions with few numbers of cases are risk-free?
“If what happened in Molise had happened in Lombardy, Lazio or Campania that have millions of more inhabitants (an unauthorized funeral started an outbreak, ed) would have been a real problem. “

Is this a good premise for the start of phase 3 starting tomorrow?
«Excellent premise. With a gradual reopening approach, risk levels have remained low ».

Have the Regions been wrong in claiming to make differentiated protocols for the reopening of activities?
“In Italy the epidemic has taken on different dimensions. Now the regions are called to make local choices but in the logic of a collaboration with the Ministry of Health, ready to tighten the measures if the risk level increases ».

A meter, two, three. What is the safe distance?
«Minimum one meter. We assume that the probabilities of contagion depend on the quantities of virus particles emitted with the droplets and on the duration of the exposure. So open places are less dangerous than closed ones ».

A few examples?
«In a closed place, even if large, in the absence of distancing, the chances of contagion depend on how many droplets, the droplets, in fact, come out of the nose and mouth. If we breathe the quantity is limited, they increase if we speak in a low voice, even more loudly and even more singing ».

And in the gym?
«Keeping two meters is more reassuring. The distance must be modulated according to the activities. It is clear that those who run on the treadmill, under stress, breathing with their mouths open are more dangerous than those who do yoga »

Is it understood that the virus also affects children?
“In Italy 10 cases of acute hyper inflammation have been reported in the hospital of Bergamo in children of about 7 years. This is not a disturbing news. The syndrome can be treated and no children have lost their lives. I confirm, in under 18 Sars-CoV-2 does not have a dramatic impact, fortunately ».

Therapies, the fixed points?
“Not yet. Remdesivir anti-viral studies have given divergent results. And also the effectiveness of plasma transfusions with protective antibodies of recovered patients must be proven with a randomized study, that is to say a comparison study “.

Suppose that in phase 3 the risk levels remain low and moderate across the country. Are assumptions made about how to organize in the fall?
“Let’s focus on the next 6-7 weeks and then we’ll do reasoning.”

So, did you like the imitation of Crozza?
“Very very much. I am convinced that self-irony and not taking yourself seriously are fundamental. Let’s not underestimate the role of Andrea Zalone, his shoulder. I recognize myself in the character who has a tendency to use a refined vocabulary and to slow down the speed of words when he explains. Can I thank them? And she too

Why do you thank us?
“I always thank you for the questions.”

May 16, 2020 (change May 16, 2020 | 11:23 pm)


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