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Rome, 22 November 2020 – Lights and shadows emerge from Covid data today. The bulletin newspaper of Ministry of Health records a decline in new cases of Coronavirus in Italia (28,337) and the dead (562 in the last 24 hours, yesterday 692). The numbers for the weekend, as we know, must always be analyzed with caution: almost 50 thousand fewer tests were processed, which means that the positive swabs ratio dates back to yesterday. Back to accelerate the increase of patients in intensive care, as well as that of hospitalized in ordinary regime. Contagion down in Lombardy, Veneto ed Emilia Romagna, slight increase in Tuscany e Market.

Covid today in Italy: data as of November 22

the total number of infected people since the beginning of the emergency, with i 28,337 new cases today, it rises to 1,408,868. The victims total of Covid in Italy (today +562, increase in braking) are 49,823. ‘Only’ 188,747 tests carried out (yesterday 237,225): the positive swabs ratio back to 15.06% from 14.6% yesterday.

34,279 hospitalized patients with symptoms (+216 compared to yesterday, when they had increased by 106), while accelerating again the increase of patients in intensive care: they are 43 more than 24 hours ago, 3,801 in total. Yesterday the increase was 10 units. Italians in home isolation there are 767,867, 13,942 more

The region with the largest number of new cases is the Lombardy with 5,094, followed by Campania (3.217), Veneto (2,956), Emilia-Romagna (2,665), Piedmont (2,641) and Lazio (2,533).

Coronavirus table

News from the regions / Emilia-Romagna

There are 2,665 (yesterday 2,723) new cases of Coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna on 13,114 swabs performed. The percentage of new positives on the number of tampons made in the last 24 hours is now 20.3%. Unfortunately there are 38 new deaths (yesterday 47). People in isolation at home, or those asymptomatic or with symptoms that do not require hospital care, are currently 64,359 (+2,114 compared to yesterday): this is 96.3% of the total number of active cases.


Contagions in decline in Veneto: there are 2,956 new cases in the last 24 hours (yesterday 3,570). Deaths are also falling: 31, against 67 on Friday The slight increase in pressure on hospitals: today 2,328 Covid patients are hospitalized in non-critical wards (+7), 297 in intensive care (+6). The subjects in home isolation are 39,051 (-106).


Cases increased by 1,929 (yesterday +1,892) Coronavirus in Toscana, where unfortunately there are another 51 deaths. There are 25 men and 26 women with an average age of 85.5 years. There are 2,083 hospitalized (11 fewer than yesterday), of which 298 in intensive care (2 more).


Others 2,533 infections in Lazio (yesterday 2,658) compared to almost 25 thousand tampons (yesterday 30 thousand). There are 20 deaths (-17) in the last 24 hours, +336 healed. “The ratio between positives and swabs returns to 10%, deaths fall and positives fall”, explains the regional councilor for Health D’Amato. In Lazio, 100 thousand cases have been exceeded since the beginning of the epidemic: the average age is around 45 years.


Other 529 cases of Covid in the Marche, up from 452 24 hours ago. The positive swabs tested in the new diagnosis path also increased, equal to 29.5% and stable (yesterday 29.6%).


There are 3,217 people infected with Covid-19 in the last 24 hours in Sicily on 24,332 swabs examined. Of these 2,976 are asymptomatic and 241 symptomatic. Another 21 deaths reported, relating to the period 15-21 November, while 850 recovered in the last 24 hours.

Friuli-Venezia and Giulia

There are 675 new Coronavirus infections detected in Friuli-Venezia and Giulia (11.21% of the 6,024 swabs performed). Another 13 deaths from Covid-19 in the region in the last 24 hours. The people who have tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the pandemic totaled 24,658.


There are 1,327 new cases of Covid in Puglia, down slightly from 24 hours ago when they were 1,377. Unfortunately, today there are 32 other deaths, yesterday there were 19.

South Tyrol

Seven deaths in the past 24 hours from the Covid in South Tyrol. Out of 2,889 swabs, 535 new positive cases were recorded. Currently 323 people are hospitalized in normal hospital wards, another 38 in intensive care. “With the mass screening, more than 3,000 asymptomatic people have been identified who are now in quarantine, otherwise they would have remained hidden”, said today the president of the Province of Bolzano Kompatscher. If we had not identified them, having an Rt of 1.5 in South Tyrol, we would have risked 95,000 infections in a short time “.

THE OTHER – 221 are registered today infections in Basilicata, the new cases in Valle d’Aosta are 99 (with 4 other deaths). Other 444 positives al Covid in Calabria where there are 5 deaths in the last 24 hours. In Calabria both hospitalizations in the ordinary regime (+9) and intensive care (+2) are increasing. In Sicily they are registered 1,258 new homesin the face of 45 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

Latest news

The possible reopening of the next one always takes the lead Christmas dpcm 2020. The regions they look forward to knowing if and when they can get out of red zone e orange zone. Lombardy e Piedmont are among the first to trust in ‘downgrading’, while theEmilia-Romagna and the Marches aim at the return in yellow zone.

A poll of Noto published by our newspaper shows how six out of ten Italians are in favor of easing restrictions during the holidays. Most still say they are confused about the rules, the prohibitions are not considered clear. If there will be reopenings, and it is not certain, both the dates remain a puzzle (a two-stage easing has been hypothesized, to favor Christmas shopping), and the consistency of the easing. Under the lens, in particular, possible exceptions for the shift between regions. Meanwhile, a warning comes from the WHO: if Europe does not equip itself now, there is a real risk of one third wave Covid at the beginning of 2021. The example to follow, explains the special envoy of the Organization David Nabarro, is that of Asian countries. Finally, the prices of the Moderna’s Coronavirus vaccine.

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