Coronavirus Italy, the bulletin of today 16 September. Covid data and table

Rome, 16 September 2020 – The new one bulletin on the trend of Coronavirus in Italia records an increase in new cases: others 1.452 positive. THE dead are instead 12, while according to the monitoring ofHigher Institute of Health the average age of Covid patients in our country rises again. If in the most dramatic phase of the epidemic it was around 60 years, and in the following period it had progressively decreased until reaching 29 years, in the last month the average age has risen to 35 years. Of all the positives recorded in the last 30 days, 12.7% are under the age of 18 (it was 14.5% last month, also due to the “summer effect”), while 59.3% have between 19 and 50 years old. The area most at risk, in the 51-70 age range, concerns 20.5% of cases (last month it was just over 17%), and those over 70 are 7.47% of the total (stable data).

And theWHO warns the world “it is still at the beginning of the pandemic”And in fact the contagion continues to run according to the data released by the Johns Hopkins University: the dead are 935.000 its 29,576,191 almost. Meanwhile, the government Conte sent the 38 pages of guidelines on the Recovery Fund.

The balance sheet of 16 September

The epidemic curve in Italy rises again: 1,452 new cases today, versus the 1,229 of yesterday (and 1.008 on Mondays). But at the same time the buffers also rise, back above 100 thousand (to be exact 100.607), 20 thousand more than yesterday. Daily deaths are also increasing, 12 against 9 yesterday. The regions that show the most infections are Campania (186), Lazio (165), Lombardy and Veneto (both at 159). None at zero cases, while above 100 are also Piedmont (117), Emilia Romagna (106) and Puglia (103). The total of cases since the beginning of the epidemic it rises to 291,442. Veneto (5), Sicily (3), Lombardy (2), Liguria (1) and Puglia (1) report deaths within 24 hours. The total number of victims rises to 35,645. The healed are 620 (yesterday 695), for a total of 215,265. The number of currently positive ones rises by another 820 units (yesterday the increase was 525), and they are 40,532 in all. IS admissions also rise: those in the ordinary regime are 63 more (2,285 in all), while intensive care units grow by 6 units, 207 in total. There are 38,040 people in home isolation, 751 more than yesterday.

All numbers from the regions


I’m 159 the new case of contagion from Coronavirus recorded in Veneto in the last 24 hours, for an overall figure of 25,138 infected since the beginning of the epidemic. The number of victims, which now amount to 2,151, 5 more than yesterday. Currently positive subjects are 2,990 (+6), and 7,611 people (+ 425) are in fiduciary isolation.

Emilia Romagna

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Emilia Romagna 33,862 cases were recorded: 106 more positives compared to yesterday, of which 52 asymptomatic identified as part of the regional contact tracing and screening activities. There are 12 new infections linked to returns from abroad. The number of return cases from other regions is 8. The highest number of cases are recorded in the provinces of Bologna (22), Modena (16), Ravenna and Ferrara (15). The average age of new positives today is 39.


In Tuscany there are 13,304 cases of positivity, 90 more compared to yesterday (26 identified in the course of tracing and 64 from screening activities). New cases are 0.7% more than the previous day’s total. The average age of 90 cases today is approximately 38 years. On the other hand, there are no deaths.


And the number of new positives in the Lazio. “Today they register 165 almost“, announces the regional councilor, Alessio D’Amato. Yesterday there were 139 new cases. Of the 165 today, D’Amato specifies, 86 are in Rome. There is no death, however.


In the last 24 hours in Campania 186 positives were recorded on 6,072 swabs. The total of positives is 9,537 units; that of the swabs is 511,535. The healed of the day are instead 69 for a total of 4,888. Deaths remain at 452 as there are no new victims today.


In Puglia register 103 new cases of Coronavirus. Out of the 4,571 tests carried out, the positivity was 51 in the province of Bari, 4 in the province of Brindisi; 11 in the province of BAT, 22 in the province of Foggia, 9 in the province of Lecce, 4 in the province of Taranto, 2 outside the region. And there is also a death in the province of Bari.

Another doctor dead

In the meantime they rise to 177 doctors died of Covid-19. This was announced by the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo). The urologist Paolo Marandola, active in Zambia to study Covid-19, is added to the list of doctors who died due to the epidemic published on the Fnomceo portal.

The other news today

Minister Bonetti: “Immediate swabs for pupils with symptoms”

Covid, Ricciardi: “We are 14 days for quarantine maintenance”

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