Coronavirus: Italy closes again. New lock-downs from Wednesday.

New decree coming soon: new containment measures are expected from Wednesday. The hope of a summer resolution of the epidemic has failed. New Lock-downs are coming.

Coronavirus: i epidemiological data will inspire Lock-Down and other measures, contained in the next DPCM.

Unfortunately, the numbers speak for themselves: the summer hopes of seeing the epidemic diminish completely or make it otherwise contained have collapsed.

The positives came back to important numbers, the RT index returned to April levels.

In short, the epidemic was certainly reinvigorated also thanks to the August holidays and the reopening of schools.

A new decree is coming.

In order to counter the epidemic, a new decree is coming.

Next Tuesday Minister Speranza will present the document to Parliament and on Wednesday the same will be signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, immediately entering into force.

To anticipate it, the words of the undersecretary for health, Sandra Zampa “We must ensure that the enormous sacrifice made as a country yields permanent results. If Italy today boasts such different numbers from the rest of Europe, it is because we have been rigorous. Faced with a recovery, many mayors and regional presidents are moving in this direction ”.

Lock-down, bezels and restrictions.

New measures are on the way, and the air is certainly not that of a party. The new decree should contain new mini Lock-downs valid for some territorial districts and commercial sectors.

Confirmed the obligation to use masks also outdoors (measure already in place in some Regions), the state of emergency will be extended until January 31st.

Bars, theaters, cinemas.

Among the activities affected there will be those of theaters and cinemas, for which there will be a further restriction in the maximum influx of spectators and new hours imposed on bars and the like, with the “curfew” closing at 6 pm.

First decree, others will follow.

What emerges is that this decree represents only the first of a series of measures that will be evaluated and decreed proportionally with the trend of the data.

As with last spring, we must expect new upcoming measures to combat the epidemic. The data has been deteriorating continuously, for a couple of months now without recovery.

In short, Italy is ready to be closed again. Piece by piece.

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