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Macron: “The virus grows. Towards other restrictions”

After the bans imposed in the Paris region, France is moving towards “other restrictions”. The president said so Emmanuel Macron, in light of the surge in coronavirus cases, with almost 19,000 more infections today and 80 deaths. The hospitalized are 7,500, the highest figure in three months now. For now, only Marseille and Paris with the suburbs are at maximum alert level. “In some territories we have managed to slow things down, but the virus circulates faster – said Macron – And in places where it circulates too fast, in particular, among adults and where there are too many beds occupied in hospitals, then we will have to go towards greater restrictions “.

United Kingdom, cases double

In one day, Britain registered more than 14,000 cases. The dead are a total of over 42 thousand. London is the most affected area.

New restrictions in New York

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States continues to be the most affected and has exceeded 7.5 million infections with almost 211 thousand deaths, of which over 33 thousand in New York State alone. Close of Andrew Cuomo in New York. The governor has ordered the closure of non-essential activities and has imposed restrictions on gatherings, even in places of worship and in areas of the city that are experiencing an increase in coronavirus cases, schools have already been closed. In the so-called ‘red zones’ only essential activities will be able to operate and in places of worship the capacity must be limited to 25% of the total for a maximum of 10 people.

Fauci: “We risk 300/400 thousand victims if we do not intervene”

“If we don’t do what needs to be done in the fall and next winter, we could have 300,000, 400,000 victims of Covid”. This is the prediction that – in contrast to Donald Trump’s optimistic words – of the virologist Anthony Fauci in an American University virtual conference.

Fauci also added that the vaccine will not be available to the entire population until next summer, or even fall. This is also in stark contrast to the words of Trump who speaks of a vaccine available in a very short time.

In his speech, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases acknowledged that his role and the things he says have made him the target of hatred by many Americans intolerant of strict prevention measures for months. “Maybe 50% of the people who vote hate me because they think I want to destroy the country – he said – but listen to me for six weeks or so and do what I say and you will see that the numbers will go down”.

Belgium, bars and cafes closed for a month in Brussels

Brussels bars and cafes will have to close for a month: the city government has established this to cope with the resurgence of the infection from Covid-19. The restaurants remain open. Yesterday the government had already decided to tighten the measures in the whole country: Prime Minister De Croo had spoken of a serious and worsening situation. The rule of 4 applies: everyone must create a social bubble with 4 people, including himself, who can attend at home, in bars and restaurants, or in situations without distancing and mask. The 4 person bubble should always be the same and kept for at least one month. The premier asked citizens to respect the rules and to ensure that others do so, otherwise there will be new tightening.

Germany, new record of daily cases

New record of daily cases of Coronavirus contagion in Germany: almost 3 thousand according to the Robert Koch Institute with 16 new deaths, for a total of almost 10 thousand deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. For Germany, this is the highest number of cases since the second half of April. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been more than 300,000 infections.

Austria, Vienna alarm

Strong concern in Austria for the second daily figure above a thousand Covid cases in less than a week. The figure was released today by the Vienna Ministry of Health. Once again, almost half of the infected are in the city of Vienna. The second most affected Land is Lower Austria.

Israel, clashes between police and ultra-Orthodox over lockdown

Incidents occurred last night in two locations inhabited by ultra-Orthodox Jews when police entered them to prevent gatherings. In the Jerusalem ward of Mea Shearim – writes the Orthodox website Kikar ha-Shabat – the clashes between the police and demonstrators who tried to prevent the closure of a synagogue, kept open to the faithful in contrast to the restrictions, continued for hours. Police sources reported that blunt objects, stones and dirty diapers were thrown at the officers. The police made about twenty arrests.

Similar episodes also occurred in the Orthodox settlement of Modiin Illit (West Bank). The agents were surrounded by hundreds of demonstrators, who also launched fireworks at them. Four officers were injured. Among the ultra-Orthodox the percentage of infections is very high but in several places their leadership refuses to cooperate with the Israeli health authorities.

China, first positive results from vaccine tests

A vaccine candidate against Covid-19 developed by the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences appeared preliminarily safe in the initial phase of clinical tests, carried out on a group of 192 participants (one of whom, however, received only one dose) between the ages of 18 and 59. This was stated in a document published on the MedRxiv website which bears the signature of researchers from four Chinese and one US institutes, the Department of Medicine of the University of Massachusetts.

According to the results of the test, which lasted 28 days, 44 adverse reactions occurred among 191 participants, but these “most commonly were mild pain and redness at the injection site or slight fatigue, and no abnormal reactions were observed in 48. cytokines “, proteins of the immune system,” in serum samples of immunized subjects “.
According to the researchers’ conclusions, “all the data obtained in this test support the safety and immunogenicity of this inactivated vaccine and are encouraging for further studies of its efficacy in the future.” China has four vaccine candidates in the final phase of clinical trials and has conducted a vaccine candidate administration on three categories of workers believed to be at high risk of contracting Covid-19.

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