Coronavirus in the USA: New York wants to cautiously relax restrictions – under strict conditions – policy

The US state of New York, which is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic, wants to slowly loosen its restrictions again from Friday – but only in regions that meet certain conditions. The seven conditions included, among other things, falling infection numbers, sufficient free hospital capacity and sufficient test and follow-up capacities, as Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday (local time) at his daily press conference.

If a region fulfills all these conditions, it is allowed to enter a four-phase opening process, which is monitored by a regional body. In the first phase, for example, non-systemically relevant construction work may be resumed. If the numbers deteriorate again, easing can be reversed.

Currently, only three rural regions in the north of the state met these conditions, Cuomo said. The metropolis of New York, where around half of the state’s 19 million inhabitants live, does not yet meet the requirements.

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Study estimates 25,000 deaths in New York City alone

The number of new infections overall continued to decline in the state. 161 people died on Sunday after being infected with the virus, Cuomo announced. In March and April, up to 800 people infected with the virus died per day. So far, almost 330,000 people in the state have contracted the virus. More than 26,000 died.

The numbers could be significantly higher, however, as a new study by the New York health authorities shows. The study published on Monday (local time) suspects a total of around 25,000 corona fatalities in the metropolis of New York alone.

The study looked at what is known as excess mortality in New York City from March 11 to May 2 – that is, the deviation from the assumed number of deaths during the same period in a “normal” year. According to the experts, the non-recording of suspected corona fatalities could be due, among other things, to sick people who tested false negative, died outside medical control or whose death has not yet been linked to Covid-19.

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“Trump death watch” denounces the president’s inaction

A new light panel in New York’s Times Square shows the number of corona deaths, for which US President Donald Trump is said to be responsible due to a failed policy. The “Trump death clock is based on the assumption that 60 percent of the deaths in the US go to the account of the president. As of Monday, the installation by award-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki showed 48,000 dead – out of a total of more than 80,000 deaths in the United States.

Jarecki said, like the names on memorials for fallen soldiers, quantifying the lives lost to Trump’s delayed response to the pandemic fulfills an “essential public function”.

Trump is accused of having reacted too late to the spread of the novel virus. The United States is now by far the most affected country in the world by the pandemic.

Art as a criticism of the US president: “Trump death watch” in New YorkFoto: Imago/Zuma Wire/Bryan Smith

Stars raise $ 115 million for those in need

For the many needy people in the metropolis in the crisis, stars like Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Sting and Jennifer Lopez collected money with a charity campaign on Tuesday night. A total of 115 million dollars (about 106 million euros) were raised for the Robin Hood charity, said presenter Tina Fey after the one-hour and largely pre-recorded show “Rise Up New York!”, Which was shown on US television. “This city needs your help.” Among other things, the money is intended to support New Yorkers who lost their jobs during the crisis.

“New York, I know your strength and we will get through this,” said singer Jennifer Lopez in a video message. “We are all in it together and we will get through there together,” said the singer Sting. The band Bon Jovi, the presenters Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon as well as the actors Jessica Chastain, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Jake Gyllenhaal also participated with video messages.

“We all want to see New York shine again,” said Broderick and singer Barbra Streisand added: “I can’t wait for the lights to come on again in theaters around the world – and especially on Broadway.” (dpa, AFP)

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