Coronavirus in the US. Donald Trump says he is fine

President Donald Trump spoke on Saturday from the balcony of the White House, speaking about his team’s successes and stigmatizing Democrats ahead of the presidential election. It was his first public appearance since it was revealed that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

“I’m fine,” said Trump, smiling at hundreds of his followers, mostly young African Americans and Latinos, gathered on the south lawn of the presidential seat.

He used the meeting to prove how much he had done for these communities. He also warned that his political rivals would deprive people of rights, including even freedom.

“You just came to the White House because you understand that to protect the lives of African Americans and all Americans, you must have the support of the police,” he explained. He accused the Democrats of a nationwide left-wing crusade against law enforcement as much as ever. He argued that his rival in the battle for the presidency, Joe Biden, was not supported by anyone from this environment.

Black and Hispanic Americans’ homes, churches, and businesses, he claimed, are plundered and devastated by left-wing fanatics.

– They are totally bad people. They know what they are doing. But Biden calls them peaceful demonstrators, he said. – He doesn’t believe in freedom, I believe in freedom completely. (…) What we do is freedom, argued Trump, directing his criticism at Biden.

– We arouse more enthusiasm now than four years ago, three times more. We have a lot of it, and they have nothing, no enthusiasm, ‘he emphasized, adding that no one had won such support before.

Trump talked about efforts to rebuild the country. He announced that it would be even better than before.

According to the Republican president, if the Democrats come to power, jobs will disappear, including in the energy sector.

The president drew attention to problems with the ballot papers (voting by correspondence has already started in the US). He said cards supporting him are being thrown away. He was convinced that this would not affect the election results, and that it was being watched by representatives of the judiciary.

In his speech, Trump also assured that in the debate of the candidates for the vice-president, Mike Pence turned out to be much better than Kamala Harris.

He accused the Democrats of a socialist agenda. Sam promised more security and prosperity to the black and Latin community.

“It will bring you new jobs in a way you’ve never seen it before,” he promised, adding that it would also provide a better and cheaper healthcare system than Obamacare, which he called a disaster.

Independent medical experts warned of the possible spread of the coronavirus during the rally. According to CNBC, all participants were asked to wear masks on the White House grounds. Their temperature was also measured.

As the media emphasized, the meeting violated Washington regulations, which prohibit gatherings of more than 50 people. But since the White House is federally owned, local rules do not apply.

Andrzej Dobrowolski from New York

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