Coronavirus in the hospital in Mirandola, visits to the Internal Medicine – SulPanaro closed

As part of the control screening that is carried out cyclically on hospitalized patients, two positivity to the swab for the detection of SARS-Cov-2 infection were identified at the Internal Medicine of the Mirandola Hospital. The two patients, one asymptomatic and the other symptomatic but with a previous negative swab, were immediately placed in the filter area for the necessary isolation.

The extraordinary swab plan was immediately activated on all the other patients and, by the company health surveillance, on the professionals and health workers of the ward concerned. From the further investigation carried out on hospitalized patients, 2 further positivity emerged, found among the roommates of the first index cases, and which currently have a picture of total asymptomaticity.

The health management of Santa Maria Bianca is also collecting visitor access cards (starting from the family members of positive patients and roommates) to proceed with reporting to the Department of Public Health, for the necessary epidemiological investigations. For the day today, the visits of relatives to the Medicine Department have been suspended, with the aim of facilitating the process of carrying out swabs and sanitizing hospitalizations, as well as the contact tracing activity.

The Usl Company specifies that patients admitted to the hospital are periodically subjected to screening using a swab, precisely in order to identify, as happened in this case, any positivity. In particular, the patient is subjected to a swab at the entrance (scheduled or urgent), seven days after admission to the hospital and at discharge (from the 14th day of hospitalization onwards) as well as before any transfer to intermediate structures such as Community or Senior Residence Homes.

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