Coronavirus in the Czech Republic. The increase in the number of infections, the Czech government does not rule out a lockdown

4,635 new coronavirus infections have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, the Czech government reported. This is the highest number recorded on a public holiday since the outbreak began when fewer tests are performed.

For the first time, the symbolic weekend limit of 3,000 was crossed, emphasize the Czech media. Last Saturday, 2555 new infections were reported, and a day later – 1841. Sunday’s 4,635 cases are also the fifth highest daily result since the beginning of the pandemic, the CTK agency noted.


There are currently 2,085 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in Czech hospitals, 408 of them are in a serious condition. Another 22 people were also reported to have died. In total, 948 people have died from the coronavirus in the Czech Republic so far.

The total number of all infections – from March, when the first cases were confirmed in the country – now stands at 114,000. There are 58,000 active infections.

The Czech government does not rule out another lockdownPAP / EPA / MARTIN DIVISK

Lockdown may be resumed in the Czech Republic

According to the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babisz, many people who were recommended by the sanitary and epidemiological services to undergo the tests have postponed it and will report back after the weekend. On Saturday evening, the prime minister called for responsibility and a change of behavior. Babisz also criticized people who do wear masks, but do not cover their noses with them.

Due to the worsening epidemic, the government introduced a state of emergency and many restrictions on cultural, social and sporting events. It cannot be ruled out that a lockdown similar to the one announced in March in the Czech Republic will be introduced, when workplaces and public institutions were restricted and citizens were ordered to stay at home. Decisions on this matter may be taken on Monday at a government meeting.

The steps taken by the government will be influenced by the opinions of epidemiologists consulted by Minister of Health Roman Prymula. He announced that their comments would be taken into account.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / MARTIN DIVISK

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